Classic 80's​



1/3/10 Chuck Billy Of Testament

1/7/10 'Shock Treatment'
1/10/10 Betsy Bitch Of Bitch

1/14/10 'The Year In Metal 1984'
1/17/10 Jeremy Goldberg From Age Of Evil

1/21/10 'Angels & Demons'
1/24/10 Pat Burns Of Deathrash

1/28/10 'Barrage Of Bullets'
1/31/10 David Franco and Scotty The Body

Of Lost Legacy

2/4/10 'The Wide World Of Metal: France'
2/7/10 Bruce Kulick Of Kiss/GFR

2/11/10 'My Metal Valentine II'
2/14/10 Jimmy Herrera Of Brutal Hand

2/18/10 'BBC Friday Rocks'
2/21/10 Joe Lynn Turner Of Rainbow

2/25/10 'Timeline: Metal Church'
2/28/10 Paul Shortino Of Rough Cutt

3/4/10 'Lights Camera Action'
3/7/10 Toby Knapp Of Godless Rising

3/11/10 'I Need More Cowbell'

3/14/10 Heavy Metal Mayhem

3/18/10 'The US Of Metal: Wisconsin'
3/21/10 Cory Proctor Of Free Reign &
Matt Leff From Machines Of Grace

3/25/10 'Balls Of Steel'
3/28/10 Tiina Teal Of Detente

​4/1/10 'The Year In Metal 1985'
4/4/10 Steve Lips Kudlow Of Anvil &
Joel Wood Of Forgotten Legacy

4/8/10 'More Buried Treasures'
4/11/10 Lizzy Borden Of Lizzy Borden

4/15/10 'A Lethal Dose Of Metal'
4/18/10 Gonzo Sandoval Of Armored Saint

4/22/10 'Swing Of The Axe'
4/25/10 Andy Boulton Of Tokyo Blade &
Ken hammer Of Pretty Maids

4/29/10 'Duets'
5/2/10 Nick Butera Of Great Awakening,
James Kottak Of The Scorpions &
Athena Kottak Of Kottak

5/6/10 'The Wide World Of Metal: Poland'
5/9/10 Mickey,Fernie And Billy Of Jetboy &
Mistress Tina Of Desdemon

5/2/10 'The Doctor Is In'
5/23/10 Jon Mikl Thor Of Thor Plus
Jimi Hazel,Rick Skattore and

Spacey T Of A.N.M

5/27/10 'The Super 70's'
5/30/10 Dibih Tiberius Of Tiberius Project
 & Tod Howarth Of Frehleys Comets


6/3/10 'Going Down'
6/6/10 Gil Moore Of Triumph

6/10/10 'The US Of Metal Connecticut'
6/13/10 Erik Hansen Of Fallen Angels
& Ralf Scheepers Of Primal Fear

6/17/10 'The Heaviest Metal In The World'
6/20/10 Matt Camacho Of Forbidden

6/24/10 'The Year In Metal: 1986'
6/27/10 Jayce Landberg And
Bobby Messano Of Starz


7/1/10 'Metaly Unstable'
7/4/10 Stephan Lill Of Vanden Plas

7/8/10 'Wide World Of Metal: Germany'
7/11/10 Herman Rarebell Of The Scorpions

7/15/10 'The King Of Keys'
7/18/10 Tony Harnell Of TNT &
Steve,Bob,Sammy and Kenny Of


7/22/10 'Timeline: Running Wild'
7/25/10 Lexx,Adam,Stevie and Meric Of

Luna Strega

7/29/10 'Faster Than The Speed Of Light'
8/1/10 Tracy G Of Dio/Tracy G Group

8/5/10 'Cover After Cover'
8/8/10 Aaron Zimpel and Thaen Rasmussen

Of Anvil Chorus

8/12/10 'Crash Band Boom'

8/15/10 Heavy Metal Mayhem
8/22/10 Ray Cola Of Dept. C &
Dave Bizzigotti Of Speed/Kill\Hate

8/26/10 'The Year In Metal: 1987'
8/29/10 Don Chaffin From Voices Of Extreme

9/2/10 'The US Of Metal: Massachusetts
9/5/10 Ron Keel Of Keel

9/9/10 'The Seven Seals'
9/12/10 Harry Hess Of First Signal
& Greg May Of Tyrant

9/16/10 'Made In Brooklyn'
9/19/10 Gene Hoglan of Fear Factory
& Frankie Banali of Quiet Riot Two Year Anniversary Show 

9/23/10 'The Wide World Of Metal: Italy'
9/26/10 Craig Gruber Of Rainbow,
TC Tolliver Of The Plasmatics &
Joe Hasselvander Of Raven

9/30/10 'Struck By Lightning'
10/3/10 Greg Hampton of The New Czars
 & Michael Kiske of Helloween

10/6/10 'The Sweetest Metal'
10/8/10 Rob Halford Of Judas Priest
10/10/10 Marc Storace Of Krokus
And Steve Gaines From Anger As Art

10/14/10 'Timeline: Razor'
10/17/10 Kristy Majors Of Pretty Boy Floyd

10/21/10 'Over The Wall'
10/24/10 Pete Wells And Manny Cordova

of Apathy And David DeFeis Of Virgin Steele

10/28/10 'Horrorween Spooktacular III'
10/31/10 Amanda Somerville of Kiske/Somerville And David 'Rock' Feinstein of The Rods

​11/4/10 'Total Devastation'
11/7/10 Isabell Oversveen Of ISSA &
Greg,Leo and Bob Of Addicted To Pain

11/11/10 'Lady Killers'
11/14/10 Kyle Lethal Of Madman

11/18/10 'Have A Drink On Me'

11/21/10 Heavy Metal Mayhem

11/28/10 Heavy Metal Mayhem

12/2/10 'The US Of Metal: Missouri'
12/5/10 Rat Skates Ex Overkill
& Big Dad Ritch Of
Texas Hippie Coalition

12/9/10 'The Wide World Of Metal: Brazil'
12/12/10 Geoff Tate Of Queensryche
Dave Lombardo Of Slayer

12/16/10 'The Year In Metal: 1988'
12/19/10 Jeff Scott Soto Of TSO/Rising Force

12/23/10 The Merry Metal Christmas Extravaganza III'

12/26/10 Heavy Metal Mayhem

12/30/10 Happy New Hair III'


1/1/12 Heavy Metal Mayhem

1/5/12 'Tres Cowbell'
1/8/12 Patte Carlsson Of Fretless

1/12/12 'The US Of Metal: Michigan'
1/15/12 Brian Tatler Of Diamond Head

1/19/12 'Instrumentals'
1/22/12 Jeff Duncan Of Armored Saint

1/26/12 'Doomsday'
1/29/12 Nasty Ronnie Of Nasty Savage
& Alex Zubair Of Nephelium

2/2/12 'Warriors In Time'
2/5/12 David John Norman Of Gaskin
& Steve Blaze Of Lillian Axe

2/9/12 'My Metal Valentine IV'
2/12/12 Jack Starr Of Burning Starr

2/16/12 'Legions'
2/19/12 Steve Grimmett Of Grim Reaper

& Mike Scaccia Of Rigor Mortis

2/23/12 'Movie Metal III'
2/23/12 Josh Musto Of Shitkill
Dave Hillis and Kirk Verhey Of Mace


3/1/12 ​Timeline: Rainbow'
3/4/12 Danny Hynes Of Weapon
& Lee Lizzie Evans Of Hangfire

3/8/12 Survival Of The Fittest 1993'
3/11/12 Vic Hix Of Shok Paris

3/15/12 'The Vinyl Countdown'
3/18/12 Chris Bennett Of Widow

3/22/12 'Coming Home'
3/25/12 Gregg Livesay Of Livesay
& Bob Mitchell Of Sleepy Hollow

3/29/12 'Enter In The Rear: Metal Love'
4/1/12 Bryan Holland Of Reverence
& Steve Michaels Of Death Mask

4/5/12 'Ten Plagues'
4/8/12 Jack Blades Of Night Ranger
& Jeff Scott Soto Of TSO

4/12/12 'A Heavy Days Night'
4/15/12 Jeff 'Oly' Olsen Of Trouble/The Skull
& Fernando Rebeiro Of Moonspell

4/19/12 Mike Sabatini And Bobby Leatherlungs Lucas Of Attacker
& Allan Fryer Of Heaven

4/26/12 'Wide World Of Metal: Finland'
4/19/12 Mem Von Stein Of Exumer,
Tony Foresta Of Municipal Waste
& Greg Hill Of Dammaj


5/3/12 'Give Em The Rack'
5/6/12 Kim La Chance Of Malisha,
Steve Brown Of Trixter &
Steavie Peavy Of Deathsquad DemonGods

5/10/12 'Its A Grand Slam'
5/13/12 Steve Gaines From Anger As Art
& Ronnie Atkins Of Pretty Maids

5/17/12 'The US Of Metal: Virginia'
5/20/12 Bobby Ellsworth Of Overkill.
Kevin Wynn Of Tysondog &
Rik Fox Of Steeler/Sin

5/24/12 'Turn It Up'
5/27/12 Dan Spitz Of Red Lamb &
Leather Leone And Sandy Sledge Of Sledgeleather

5/31/12 'Timeline: Jag Panzer'
6/3/12 James Rivera Of Helstar

6/7/12 'Flames Of Fire'
6/10/12 Leif Edling Of Candlemass

6/14/12 'Never Too Old To Rock N Roll'
6/17/12 Rick,Marcel And Rop Of Martyr,
Author Michael Toney 'Tales From The Stage,Vol I' & Matt Moliti Of Dark Empire

6/21/12 'Watching You'
6/24/12 Pat Burns Of Deathrash &
Rick Mythiasin Of Steel Prophet

6/28/12 '1776'
7/1/12 Bridgette Oliver Of Siva Addiction
& Metal Mike Chlasciak Of Halford

7/5/12 'Deep Undercover'
7/8/12 Bob 'BB' Ballinger Of Power Theory
& Joe Hasselvander Of Raven

7/12/12 'Candy Flipping On A String'
7/15/12 Mark Shelton Of Manilla Road
& Byron Nemeth Of Sacred Heart

7/19/12 ' Wide World Of Metal: Switzerland'
7/22/12 Rudy Sarzo Of Animetal USA &
Todd Michael Hall Burning Starr

7/26/12 'Song Vs Song Vol I'
7/29/12 Dan Cleary Of Striker

8/2/12 'Casting A Deadly Spell'
8/5/12 Robb Weir From Tygers Of Pan Tang
& Mike Ucifer Of Prime Evil

8/9/12 'The US Of Metal: Utah'
8/12/12 Mike Orlando Of Adrenaline Mob

8/16/12 'On The Alter Of Metal'
8/19/12 Glenn Rogers Of Heretic

8/26/12 'Survival Of The Fittest: 1994'
8/26/12 Sal Italiano Of Anvil,
Evan Seinfeld Of Attika 7 &
Brian Gamblin Of Titans Eve

8/30/12 'An Ole Fashion Ass Kicking'
9/2/12 Wolf Hoffman Of Accept ,
Kevin Goocher & Glenn Malicki

Of Phantom X

9/6/12 'Metalheads'
9/9/12 Tom Gattis Of Tension &
Steve Zetro Souza Of Hatriot

 Four Year Anniversary Showt

9/13/12 'Jumping Jack Thrash'
9/16/12 Chris Boltendahl Of Grave Digger
& Geof O' Keefe Of Bedemon

9/20/12 'Anthems'
9/23/12 Cronos Of Venom And
Danny Knight From Crown Of Earth

9/27/12 'The UK Of Metal: Yorkshire &

The Humber'

9/30/12 Simon Wright Of Ac/Dc,Dio
And Joe Stump Of Holy Hell

10/4/12 'The Wide World Of Metal: Belgium'
10/7/12 Brian Forsythe Of Kix
The Banker,Falcon,Zero-G And Diabolic Dave Of Death Alley Motor Cult
Xander Demos

10/11/12 'Law And Disorder'
10/14/12 Kingsley King Fowley Of Deceased
And James Rivera Of Helstar

10/18/12 Timeline: Riot'
10/21/12 Geoff Tate Of Queensryche

10/25/12 'Horrorween Spooktacular V'
10/28/12 Scott Warren Of Dio Disciples
& Mandrake And Jerry Watt Of Axehammer


11/1/12 'Sinner Saint'
11/4/12 Chris Gomerson GOTK
& Page Townsley Of Vore

11/11/12 Bill Tsamis Of Warlord
& Jeff Duncan Of Armored Saint

11/15/12 'Unleash The Beast'
11/18/12 Wild Mick Brown Of Dokken
& Markus Brinkmann Of Mob Rules

11/25/12 Gary Cobb Of Invader &
Jeff Grove & Billy Giddings Of Alloy 20

11/29/12 'The US Of Metal: N. Carolina'
12/2/12 Graham Oliver Of Oliver Dawson Saxon & Jammer Of Brute Forcz

12/6/12 'Survival Of The Fittest 1995'

12/9/12 Heavy Metal Mayhem

12/13/12 'Cowboys & Indians'
12/16/12 Ronnie Stixx Of Project Terror

12/20/12 'Merry Metal Christmas

Extravaganza V''

12/23/12 Heavy Metal Mayhem

12/27/12 'Happy New Hair V'
12/20/12 Ron Daniel Eriksen Of Viking


1/2/11 Jesse James Dupree Of Jackyl

1/6/11 'False Prophets'
1/9/11 Eric Paone Of Candy Striper

Death Orgy

1/12/11 'The River Styx'

1/20/11 'Timeline: Whiplash'
1/23/11 Brian Ross Of Blitzkrieg &
Tommy Bolan Of N.Y.C/ Warlock

1/27/11 'Molten Metal'
1/30/11 Brian Gamblin Of Titans Eve

2/3/11 'Jailbait'
2/6/11 Christian Lasegue Of Jag Panzer
& Pontus Egberg Of The Poodles

2/10/11 'My Metal Valentine'
2/13/11 Billy Rowe and D.K. Revelle

Of Jetboy

2/17/11 'The Pleasure In Pain'
2/20/11 Russell Allen Of Symphony X
 & Veronica Freeman Of Benedictum

2/24/11 'Movie Metal'
2/27/11 Bruce Corbitt Of Rigor Mortis
& Sy Keeler Of Onslaught


3/3/11 'The Year In Metal 1989'
3/6/11 Steve 'Zetro' Souza Of Hatriot
& Pat Burns Of Deathrash

3/10/11 'NYCH'
3/13/11 Erik Bararth Of I.N.C
Of Michael Sweet Of Stryper

3/17/11 'The Wide World Of Metal: Spain'
3/20/11 Ricky Warwick Of Thin Lizzy
& Ralf Scheepers Of Primal Fear

3/24/11 'Go For The Throat'
3/27/11 Bobby Durango-Rock City Angels
& Paul And Martin Strange Of

Strange Karma

3/31/11 'The US Of Metal: Texas'
4/3/11 Doug Aldrich Of Whitesnake
& Jason Hobel Of Back From Ashes

4/7/11 'Survival Of The Fittest 1990'
4/10/11 Tim 'Ripper' Owens

4/14/11 'Still Undercover'
4/17/11 Brian Robertson Of

 Thin Lizzy/Motorhead &
Jaime St James Of Black N Blue

4/21/11 'Mother Earth'

4/27/11 'Serial Killers'
5/1/11 Carmine Appice Of Vanilla Fudge
Steve 'Ace' McArdle Of Skull Hammer

5/5/11 'Timeline: Voi Vod'

5/8/11 Heavy Metal Mayhem

5/12/11 'Metal Soldiers'
5/15/11 Dave Linsk Of Overkill Plus
Alex Rude & Rick Dunn Of

Atom Strange

5/19/11 'Meat Eater'
5/22/11 Wolf Hoffman Of Accept

5/26/11 'The Wide World Of Metal: Greece'
5/29/11 Dan Beehler Of Beehler/Exciter

6/2/11 'This Is Judas Priest'
6/5/11 Meric Sarkhov And Stevie Z

Of Luna Strega

6/9/11 'In The Dark'
6/12/11 Brian Lee Of Enforcer &
Chris Boltendahl Of Grave Digger

6/16/11 'Schools Out'
6/19/11 Bob Mitchell Of Sleepy Hollow

6/23/11 The US Of Metal: Washington'
6/26/11 Lennie Rizzo Of Exxplorer &
Brian Thomas And George Neal Of Halloween

6/30/11 'American Made'
7/3/11 Kai Hansen Of Gamma Ray
Davey Muise Of Vanna

7/7/11 'Survival Of The Fittest 1991'
7/10/11 Andy Haught Of ZeroKing
& Andy Paul Of Scream Arena

7/14/11 'Even More Cowbell'
7/17/11 Ray LeGrand Of Oblivion Myth
& Heri Joensen Of Tyr

7/21/11 'Timeline: Vicious Rumors'
7/24/11 Jack Frost Of Seven Witches
& A.D. Adams & Ryan McKay Of

Crash Street Kids

7/28/11 'Rock Hard Ride Free'
7/31/11 George Lynch Of Lynch Mob
& Jake Nunn Of Hysteria


8/4/11 'The Singers: Black Sabbath'
8/7/11 Michael Romeo Of Symphony X
& Anthony Fabrizi Of I.N.C

8/11/11 'The Wide World Of Metal: Netherlands'
8/14/11 Sal Italiano Of Cities  &
Anthony Nichols Of Meliah Rage

8/18/11 'Dogs Of War'
8/21/11 Ronnie Stixx Of Blood Red Skies 
& Barret Klesko Of All Else Fails


9/1/11 'Metal Mascots'
9/4/11 Neil Turbin Of DeathRiders
& Blane Gilbert Of November

9/8/11 'Infestation'
9/11/11 Jammer Of Brute Forcz

9/15/11 'A Lighter Shade Of Thrash'
9/18/11 Doro Pesch Of Doro/Warlock &
Biff Byford Of Saxon

Three Year Anniversary Show

8/22/11 'The US Of Metal: Arizona'
9/25/11 Kevin Goocher Of Phantom X

9/29/11 'Kaboom'
10/2/11 Chelsea Knaack And Frank Tosi Of DesDemon

10/6/11 'Piece By Piece'
10/9/11 Mark Davis Of Chimaira

10/13/11 'Timeline: Celtic Frost'
10/16/11 Matt Thrasher Of Joe Thrasher
& Tracii Guns Of LA Guns

10/20/11 'Hells On Fire'
10/23/11 Tony Dolan Of Atomkraft &
Pat Burns Of Deathrash

10/27/11 'Horrorween Spooktacular IV''
10/30/11 Margarita Monet From Edge Of Paradise & Bob Mitchell Of Sleepy Hollow

11/3/11 'Survival Of The Fittest 1992'
11/6/11 Charlie Benante Of Anthrax &
Aaron 'Ump' McCollum Of Motortrain

11/10/11 'Salute'
11/13/11 Paul Bostaph Of Testament
& David Reece Of Bangalore Choir

11/17/11 'Hard As Nails'
11/20/11 Sammy Avigal Of Avigal &

Amanda Somerville Of Trillium
11/27/11 Joe Sims Of Axemaster &
Free Domingiez Of Kidneythieves


12/1/11 'Kings & Queens'
12/4/11 Dani Filth From Cradle Of Filth
Mario Cosentino Of Gothic Knights

12/8/11 'The Wide World Of Metal: Denmark'
12/11/11 Lee Payne Of Cloven Hoof &    James Christian From House Of Lords

12/15/11 'Masked Marauders'
12/18/11 Duane Conlon Of Misery
Corey Lowery Of Eye Empire

12/22/11 'The Merry Metal Christmas Extravaganza IV'

12/29/11 'Happy New Hair IV'


9/17/08 Heavy Metal Mayhem

9/21/08 heavy Metal Mayhem

9/24/08 'Six Degrees Of Metallica
9/28/08 Mike Sabatini Of Attacker

10/1/08 Let The Savages Loose'
10/5/08 Matt McCourt Of The Wild Dogs

10/8/08 'The Maidens Of Metal'

10/12/08 Heavy Metal Mayhem

10/15/08 'The Devil Made Em Do It'
10/19/08 Tommy Stewart Of Hallows Eve

10/22/08 'Going Undercover'
10/26/08 Eric AK and Craig Nielsen Of 

Flotsam and Jetsam

10/29/08 'Horrorween Spooktacular I'

11/2/08 Heavy Metal Mayhem

11/5/08 'The Sunday Matinee At CBGB
11/9/08 Adam Tranquilli Of Without End

11/12/08 'Gone But Not Forgotten:

The Singers'

11/16/08 Heavy Metal Mayhem

11/19/08 'Capo Di Tutti Capi RJD'
11/23/08 Tony Portaro and Joe Cangelosi

Of  Whiplash

11/26/08 'NWOBHM'
11/30/08 Rob 'Clammy' Cohen Of Exciter

12/3/08 'Timeline: Accept'
12/7/08 Paul Arnold Of At War

12/10/08 'The United States Of Metal NY'
12/14/08 Steve 'Ace' McArdle Of

Skull Hammer

12/17/08 'Merry Metal Christmas

Extravaganza I'

12/21/08 Kenny Powell Of Omen

12/28/08 Heavy Metal Mayhem

12/31/08 'Happy New Hair I'


1/4/09 Heavy Metal Mayhem

1/7/09 'Origin Of Species'
1/11/09 Debbie Gunn Of Sentinel Beast

1/14/09 'The Great White North'
1/18/09 Chris Lasegue Of Jag Panzer

1/21/09 'You Asked For it You Got It'
1/25/09 Rob Wilhelm and Jon Wiegand

Of Iron Cross

1/28/09 'Stronger Than Steel'

2/1/09 Heavy Metal Mayhem

2/4/09 'Timeline: Raven'
2/8/09 Blaine Gilbert Of November

2/11/09 'My Metal Valentine I'
2/15/09 Tim McMurtrie And Rob Moschetti


2/18/09 'Band Of Brothers I'

2/22/09 Heavy Metal Mayhem 

2/25/09 'The US Of Metal: Florida'
3/1/09 Chris Johnson Of Holy Rage

3/4/09 'The Filthy 15'
3/9/09 Steve Stine Of Grimmstine

3/11/09 Gone But Not Forgotten:

The Drummers'

3/15/09 Heavy Metal Mayhem

3/18/09 'Buried Treasure
3/22/09 Sammy,Kenny and Bob Of Ruthless

3/25/09 'Prepare For Battle'

3/29/09 Heavy Metal Mayhem

4/1/09 'Timeline: Mercyful Fate'
4/5/09 David Ellefson Of Megadeth

4/8/09 'Getting Thrashed In The Bay'

4/15/09 'Tear Down The Walls'
4/19/09 Katon De Pena Of Hirax

4/22/09 'Going Back Undercover'
4/26/09 Carl Cannedy and Rock Fienstien

Of The Rods

4/29/09 'In The Land Of The Rising Sun'
5/10/09 Bernie Torme Of GMT/Ozzy

5/13/09 'The US Of Metal: Hawaii & Alaska'
5/17/09 Sammy Avigal of Avigal

5/20/09 'In The Name Of The Father, Son & Heavy Metal
5/24/09 Pete Maglia and Johnny Wildchild

Of Saviour

5/27/09 'USMC'
5/31/09 Jason Hobel Of Back from Ashes

​6/3/09 Timeline: Queensryche'
6/7/09 Bobby Lucas Of Overlorde

6/10/09 'The Year In Metal 1980'

6/14/09 Heavy Metal Mayhem

6/17/09 'Gone But Not Forgotten:

The Guitarist'

6/21/09 Phil Grasso Of Steel Assassin

6/24/09 'Up The Irons'
6/28/09 Bill Lindsey Of Impaler

7/1/09 'US Festival'

7/5/09 'Happy Birthday America'

7/8/09 'A Little Bit Of Evil'
7/12/09 Taz Taylor Of TTB

7/15/09 'Seven Deadly Sins'
7/19/09 Geoff, Dan and Eddy Of Symptom 7

7/22/09 'The US Of Metal: Ohio'
7/26/09 Joe Hasselvander Of the Hounds Of Hasselvander/Death Row

7/29/09 'Three Of A Kind'

8/2/09 Heavy Metal Mayhem

8/5/09 'Between A Rock & Hard Place'
8/9/09 Bruce Franklin Of Trouble

8/12/09 'The Year In Metal:1981'
8/16/09 Ross The Boss Of RTB

8/19/09 'The Name Remains The Same'
8/23/09 Ski and Blaine Of Faith Factor

8/26/09 'Back Undercover Once Again'
8/30/09 Rob Thorne Of Sacred Oath

9/2/09 'The US Of Metal: Illinois'
9/6/09 Jerry Franklin Of Dyers Eve

9/9/09 '100th Episode'
9/13/09 1 Year Anniversary Show With

John Gallagher Of Raven 

9/16/09 'Timeline: Savatage
9/20/09 Steve Michael and Benny Ranson

Of Death Mask

9/23/09 'Killed By Death'
9/27/09 Dave Starr and London Wilde 

Of WildeStarr

9/30/09 'The Year In Metal: 1982'

10/4/09 Jack Starr, Ned Meloni and Todd

Michael Hall Of Burning Starr

10/7/09 'The Hand Of Doom'
10/11/09 Michael Coffey Of Stone Vengeance

10/14/09 Gone But Not Forgotten:

The Bassist'
10/18/09 Rudy Sarzo Of Dio/Quiet Riot

10/21/09 'Mongrels Of Metal'

10/25/09 Heavy Metal Mayhem

10/28/09 'Horrorween Spooktacukar II'

11/4/09 'The US Of Metal: NJ'
11/8/09 Neil Turbin Of Deathriders

11/11/09 'For Those Who Served'
11/15/09 Vinny Appice Of Heaven And Hell

11/18/09 'The Only Way Out'
11/22/09 Barry Fischel and Eric Mauriello

Of Fischels Beast

11/25/09 'The Year In Metal 1983'
11/29/09 Sean Peck Of Cage

12/2/09 'The Wide World Of Metal: Australia'
12/6/09 Morrie Voz Of Veins Iced Over

12/9/09 'Timeline: Diamond Head'
12/13/09 Alan Tecchio Of Hades/Non Fiction

12/16/09 'From The Sun To The Moon'
12/20/09 Billy C Of Warhorse,

Aaron Sondrini  Of  Malicious Tendencies & Tim McMurtrie Of FSR

12/23/09 'The Merry Metal Christmas Extravaganza II'

12/27/09 Heavy Metal Mayhem

12/30/09 'Happy New Hair II'