Classic 80's​



1/5/20 Marta Gabriel Of Crystal Viper
& Trevor Short Of Dealer

1/12/20 Leslie Ripp Of Rat Attack
& Gus Mansanto Of Human Fortress

1/26/20 Guido Gevels Of Cyclone
& Mick Michaels From Corners Of Sanctuary

2/2/20 Steve 'Lips' Kudlow Of Anvil
2/9/20 Jeff McCormack,Nick Layton,David Lyon,Mike David & Bobby Ferkovich Of Firewolfe & Doro Pesch Of Doro
2/16/20 Marc Jackson Of Sin Theta
& David Reece Of Reece

2/23/20 Mark Zavon From Kill Devil Hill
& Mats Nilsson From Band Of Brothers

3/1/20 Jeff Water Of Annihilator
3/8/20 Ross The Boss &
Jackie Chambers From Girlschool

3/22/20 Mark Fox Of Shakra &
Garry Bowler Of Satans Empire

3/29/20 Chuck Billy Of Testament
& Dave Gorsuch Of Insanity

4/5/20 Mikk Wega Of Wallop
& Axxl Of Stallion

4/19/20 Sean Killian Of Vio-lence
& Lee Payne Of Cloven Hoof

4/26/20 Gus G Of Firewind
& Mark Dexter Of Dexter Ward

5/3/20 Karl Wilcox Of Rekuiem
& Oskar Jacobsson Of Ambush

5/10/20 Rich Rutter Of Toledo Steel
& Mark Roughneck Of Oz

5/17/20 Dave Wanless Of Sven Gali

5/31/20 Heavy Metal Mayhem
6/7/20 Jack Russell Of Great White
& Carl Canedy Of The Rods

6/14/20 Vicky Starr Of Signal 13
6/21/20 Justin McKittrick Of Scrollkeeper
& Bobby Blitz Ellsworth Of Overkill

6/28/20 Vic Hix Of Shok Paris &
Corey Pierce From Disciples Of Verity

7/12/20 Mike Lepond Of Symphony X
& Andre Grieder Of Poltergeist

7/19/20 Frankie Palmeri Of Emmure
7/26/20 Joe Bouchard Of BOC &
Paul Lieman Of The Wise Mans Fear

8/9/20 Jimmy Ambrose Of Sinful
8/16/20 John Grell Of Winterkat
& Nige Rockett Of Onslaught

8/23/20 Brad Sinsel Of TKO
8/30/20 Sammy Dejohn Of Ruthless &
Brittney Slayes Of Unleash The Archers

9/14/20 Thomas Youngblood Of Kamelot,
Steve Mann Of Lionheart And
Ian Greg Of Torch 

9/20/20 'The Last Hurrah-'The Final Show'
9/21/20 Patrick Lachman Of Diesel Machine

9/29/20 Elina Siirala Of Leaves Eyes


10/15/20 Sean Peck Of Death Dealer

10/27/20 Doro Pesch Of Doro


11/3/20 Mick Michaels From Corners Of Sanctuary

11/17/20 Evo Of Warfare


12/3/20 Richard Black Of Shark Island

12/7/20 Simon Siirpo Forsell, Olof Jönsson &

 Emil Salling Of Pressure


1/6/19 Carlos Gutierrez Of Blade Killer
1/13/19 Eric Moore Of The Godz
1/20/19 Jonas Bye Of Flight
& Brady Novotny

1/27/19 Brian Miller & Steve Pedersen Of Burnt Offering
2/4/19 Michael Gilbert Of Flotsam & Jetsam

& Herman Frank
2/11/19 Carmine Appice & Rev Jones

2/14/19 'My Metal Valentine XI'
2/17/19 Sky Price Of Desire
& Rick Altzi Of Masterplan

2/24/19 Chris Caffery From Spirits Of Fire
& Tony Harnell Of Starbreaker

3/3/19 Kane Roberts
3/10/19 Rob Van War Of Attika
& Glen Drover From Walls Of Blood

3/17/19 Yngwie Malmsteen
& Dino Cazares Of Fear Factory

3/24/19 Naoto Shibata Of Anthem
& Ghee Yeh From Mind Of Fury

3/31/19 Steve Kachinsky Of Steel Prophet
& Ricky Wagner Of Rezet

4/7/19 Charlie Ferrendi Of Disciple &
Kyriakos "Charlie" Tsiolis Of Aftermath

4/14/19 Sammy DeJohn & Kenny Mcgee

Of Ruthless And Doro Pesch
4/28/19 Sal Abruscato From A Pale Horse Named Death  &  Joe Hasselvander From The Hounds Of Hasselvander
5/5/19 Spacey T Of Sound Barrier
& Elliot Madre Of Salvacion

5/19/19 Jimmy Caterine Of Sacred Rite
& Martin Missy Of Protector

6/2/19 Steven & Caster Volor Of Caster Volor
6/9/19 Damon Kelly From Love N Revenge
6/23/19 Angelo Bria Of Aaronsrod
& Mark Nesser Of Wyzdom

6/30/19 Lex Scott Of Warhead

7/4/19 'We The People'
7/14/19 Kiko Shred
7/21/19 Jym Harris Of Sylent Storm

7/28/19 Heavy Metal Mayhem
8/11/19 Jon Schaffer Of Iced Earth
& John DeLeon Of Attila

8/18/19 Phil McDermott & Julian Sackett Of Blackmayne & Eddie Becker Of Everest
8/25/19 Jeff Rolland Of Sacrilege
9/8/19 Kurt Phillips,Doug Adams,Steve Batky & Todd Pilon Of Witchkiller & Lou Dibello
9/15/19 Joe Gregory & Scott Stine Of Valkyrie
 & Daniel Oranje Of Thynn Ice

Eleven Year Anniversary Show!

9/22/19 Steve Grimmett Of Grim Reaper
& Mark Mangold Of American Tears

9/29/19 Trey Pemberton Of Creeping Death
10/6/19 Phil Lanzon Of Uriah Heep
& Jean Pierre Abboud Of Traveler

10/13/19 Jon Pamblanco Of Midevil
& Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker

10/20/19 Brian Tichy Of Silverthrone

10/31/19 'Horrorween Spooktacular XII'
11/3/19 Yana Chupenko Of Wench/PMS
11/1/19 Joe Lawson Of Dragonlore
11/24/19 Todd Porter Of Eviction
12/1/19 Steve Gaines From Anger As Art
& John Gouchnour From Leather Nunn

12/8/19 Dushan Petrossi Of Magic Kingdom

12/22/19 'The Merry Metal Christmas Extravaganza XII'

12/29/19 'Happy New Hair XI'