Carlos Gutierrez Of Blade Killer
Eric Moore Of The Godz
Jonas Bye Of Flight
Brady Novotny

Brian Miller & Steve Pedersen Of Burnt Offering
Michael Gilbert Of Flotsam & Jetsam
Herman Frank

Carmine Appice
Rev Jones

Sky Price Of Desire
Rick Altzi Of Masterplan

Chris Caffery From Spirits Of Fire
Tony Harnell Of Starbreaker

Kane Roberts
Rob Van War Of Attika
Glen Drover From Walls Of Blood

Yngwie Malmsteen
Dino Cazares Of Fear Factory

Naoto Shibata Of Anthem
Ghee Yeh From Mind Of Fury

Steve Kachinsky Of Steel Prophet
Ricky Wagner Of Rezet

Charlie Ferrendi Of Disciple
Kyriakos "Charlie" Tsiolis Of Aftermath

Sammy DeJohn & Kenny Mcgee Of Ruthless
Doro Pesch

Sal Abruscato From A Pale Horse Named Death
Joe Hasselvander From The Hounds Of Hasselvander

Spacey T Of Sound Barrier
Elliot Madre Of Salvacion

Jimmy Caterine Of Sacred Rite
Martin Missy Of Protector

Steven & Caster Volor Of Caster Volor
Damon Kelly From Love N Revenge
Angelo Bria Of Aaronsrod
Mark Nesser Of Wyzdom

Lex Scott Of Warhead
Kiko Shred
Jym Harris Of Sylent Storm
Jon Schaffer Of Iced Earth
John DeLeon Of Attila

Phil McDermott & Julian Sackett Of Blackmayne
Eddie Becker Of Everest

Jeff Rolland Of Sacrilege
Kurt Phillips,Doug Adams,Steve Batky & Todd Pilon Of Witchkiller
Lou Dibello

Joe Gregory & Scott Stine Of Valkyrie
Daniel Oranje Of Thynn Ice

Steve Grimmett Of Grim Reaper
Mark Mangold Of American Tears

Trey Pemberton Of Creeping Death
Phil Lanzon Of Uriah Heep
Jean Pierre Abboud Of Traveler

Jon Pamblanco Of Midevil
Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker

Brian Tichy Of Silverthrone
Yana Chupenko Of Wench/PMS
Joe Lawson Of Dragonlore
Todd Porter Of Eviction
Steve Gaines From Anger As Art
John Gouchnour From Leather Nunn

Dushan Petrossi Of Magic Kingdom


Marta Gabriel Of Crystal Viper
Trevor Short Of Dealer

Leslie Ripp Of Rat Attack
Gus Mansanto Of Human Fortress

Guido Gevels Of Cyclone
Mick Michaels From Corners Of Sanctuary

Steve 'Lips' Kudlow Of Anvil
Jeff McCormack,Nick Layton,David Lyon,
Mike David & Bobby Ferkovich Of Firewolfe
Doro Pesch Of Doro

Marc Jackson Of Sin Theta
David Reece Of Reece

Mark Zavon From Kill Devil Hill
Mats Nilsson From Band Of Brothers

Jeff Water Of Annihilator
Ross The Boss
Jackie Chambers From Girlschool

Mark Fox Of Shakra
Garry Bowler Of Satans Empire

Chuck Billy Of Testament
Dave Gorsuch Of Insanity

Mikk Wega Of Wallop
Axxl Of Stallion

Sean Killian Of Vio-lence
Lee Payne Of Cloven Hoof

Gus G Of Firewind
Mark Dexter Of Dexter Ward

Karl Wilcox Of Rekuiem
Oskar Jacobsson Of Ambush

Rich Rutter Of Toledo Steel
Mark Roughneck Of Oz

Dave Wanless Of Sven Gali
Jack Russell Of Great White
Carl Canedy Of The Rods

Vicky Starr Of Signal 13
Justin McKittrick Of Scrollkeeper
Bobby Blitz Ellsworth Of Overkill

Vic Hix Of Shok Paris
Corey Pierce From Disciples Of Verity

Mike Lepond Of Symphony X
Andre Grieder Of Poltergeist

Frankie Palmeri Of Emmure
Joe Bouchard Of BOC
Paul Lieman Of The Wise Mans Fear

Jimmy Ambrose Of Sinful
John Grell Of Winterkat
Nige Rockett Of Onslaught

Brad Sinsel Of TKO
Sammy Dejohn Of Final Decree/Ruthless
Brittney Slayes Of Unleash The Archers

Thomas Youngblood Of Kamelot
Steve Mann Of Lionheart
Ian Greg Of Torch 

Patrick Lachman Of Diesel Machine

Elina Siirala Of Leaves Eyes


Sean Peck Of Death Dealer

Doro Pesch Of Doro


Mick Michaels From Corners Of Sanctuary

Evo Of Warfare


Richard Black Of Shark Island

Simon Siirpo Forsell, Olof Jönsson &

 Emil Salling Of Pressure

Classic 80's​