Classic 80's​




1/7/24 Alan D'Angelo Of Power Theory

1/14/24 Mark Edwards & John Bunucci Of Overlorde

 & Michael J Miller Of Rapid Tears

1/21/24 Erica Stoltz & Nathan Honor Of Sanhedrin

 Plus Steve Mann Of Lionheart

1/28/24 Ray Vancour & Mike Bell Of ChildzPlay

 And Tony Spillman Of Spillage


2/4/24 David Rock Feinstein Of The Rods &

Marlene Portnoy And Martens Myung Of Meanstreak

2/11/24 Jim Fergades Of Morbid Saint & David   Rodriguez Of Show N Tell

2/14/24 'My Metal Valentine XIII'

2/18/24 Fredrik Johansson Of Rifforia & James   Gibbons,Tom Tulotta Of Metal Jacket

2/25/24 J.P. Abboud Of Traveler & Nicoletta   Rosellini Of Alterium


3/3/24 Mark Zonder Of Warlord & Elina Siirala Of Leaves Eyes

3/10/24 Robb Weir From Tygers Of Pan Tang &

 Brian Zimmerman Of Atrophy

3/17/24 Charlie Guardalabene Of Holocross

3/24/24 Anthony Truglio Of Liege Lord &

Hazel Jade And Tony Ritchie From Balance Of Power


4/7/24 Michael Sabatini Of Attacker & Carl Canedy   Of The Rods

4/14/24 Pete Mainzer & Greg Martin Of Hammerhead   And George Dee Of The Wizards

4/21/24 Donny Hart, Scott Wood & Lance Williams   Of Boss Tweed

4/28/24 Lee Payne Of Cloven Hoof & Matt Mayhem Of Burning Legion


5/5/24 Derek Davis Of Babylon AD & Alex Staropoli   From Rhapsody Of Fire

5/19/24 Mike Tirelli Of Holy Mother & Jerry Warden Of Texas Warlock

5/26/24 Peter Pallis Of Anaka & Beau Brent Of Ferrett


6/2/24  Jesper Binzer Of D.A.D & Roger Nilsson Of The Quill

6/9/24 Dan Lorenzo From Patriarchs In Black & Yves Campion Of Nightmare

6/16/24 Marta Gabriel Of Crystal Viper & James Paul Luna Of Intranced

6/23/24 Derrick Brumley Of Conquest

6/30/24 Andrew Southwell Of Vicious Nature & Scarlett Monastyrski Of Sabire


7/4/24 'Patriotic'

7/7/24 Steve Lips Kudlow Of Anvil & Mark McKowen Of Divine Martyr

​7/14/24 Bryan Patrick Of Sentry & Andrew D'Cagna Of Ironflame



​1/13/22 Matt Barlow From Ashes Of Ares


2/6/22 Heavy Metal Mayhem

​2/13/22 Biff Byford Of Saxon

2/20/22 Mario Lochert Of Serious Black

2/27/22 Rob Dukes Of Generation Kill


3/6/22 Kevin Montgomery From

 Driven To Revolt

3/13/22 Lee Payne Of Cloven Hoof

3/20/12 Dennis Schwan Of Sanction

3/27/22 Brian Miller Of Frightmare


4/3/22 Billy Graziadei Of BillyBio

Don Versailles Of Platinum

4/10/22 Chris Ferguson From

Of Dying Dream & Freddie Wolf Of Evil

4/24/12 Steve Lips Kudlow Of Anvil

Stefan Castevet Of Vulture


5/1/22 Michael Romeo Of Symphony X

Jessica & Jackie Parry Of Dianthus

5/15/22 George,Steve,David & Craig

From Overlord SR

Daniel Cleland Of Savage Existence

5/22/22 Anthony Lionetti Of

Matthias Steele

5/29/22 Michael Podrybau Of Glacier


6/5/22 Nige Rockett Of Onslaught

6/12/22 David Lioncourt

6/23/22 Blothar Of Gwar &

Rev Taylor From Greyhawk


7/3/22 Brian Ross Of Satan/Blitzkrieg

7/10/22 Cody Souza Of Hatriot

7/17/22 Jack Starr Of Burning Starr

Peter Andersen Of Alien Force

7/24/22 Dave Enos Of Emerald


8/7/22 Josh Christian Of Toxik

8/14/22 Torben Deen Of Mirage

8/21/22 Roy Coston Of DC Strut

8/28/22 Chris Boltendahl Of Grave Digger


9/4/22 Guy Mann Dude &

 Jim Crean Of Scream Taker

9/11/22 John Gallagher Of Raven

Frank V Peppe Of Royal Hell

9/18/22 Jeff Mantas Dunn Of Venom Inc

Keith Hancock & Pat Brown Of Oblivion Fourteen Year Anniversary Show

9/25/22 Rob Thorne Of Sacred Oath &

Robby Thomas Walsh Of Purpendicular


10/2/22 Thaen Rasmussen Of Anvil Chorus

Kris Gustofson Of Trauma

10/9/22 David Reece Of Iron Allies

Barry Waddell From Seasons Of The Wolf

10/16/22 'Horrorween Spooktacular XIII'

10/23/22 Lee Aaron

Matt Marinelli Of Borealis

10/30/22 Kristian Havard Of Xentrix


11/6/22 Steve Gaines From Anger As Art

Jeff Allen Of Witch Slayer

11/13/22 Ed Aborn Of Siren

Phil Hall Of Municipal Waste

11/20/22 Dean Roberts Of Leatherwolf

Steve Rice Of Kill Ritual

11/27/22 Robert Acquaviva Of Luftwaffe

Lars Lyndorff Of Steel Inferno


12/4/22 Chuck Brummond Of Invid

12/11/22 Leather Leone Of Leather

12/18/22 Tomi Stotler & Andy Austin

Of Maddax

12/25/22 'The Merry Metal Christmas Extravaganza XIII'



1/1/23 'Happy New Year XII'

1/8/23 Alexzander Krull Of Atrocity

1/15/23 Denis Barthe Of Aggression

1/22/23 Gary Schultze Of Child Saint &

Drew Rizzo,Rich Kubik & Charles Koegler

 Of Midnite Hellion

1/29/23 Kurt Phillips Of Witchkiller


2/5/23 Tim Ripper Owens &

2/12/23 Kenny Eichmann Of Orphan Allies

2/14/23 'My Metal Valentine XII'

Eric Claro Of BlakEarth

Fredrik Werner & Andy Johansson

 Of Air Raid

2/19/23 Steve Sexton Of Oblivion  Knight

Seraina Telli

2/26/23 Paul Duthil Of Invasion &

Les Carlsen Of Bloodgood


3/5/23 Bernie Carlos Of SYE

3/12/23 Steve Bashford Of Tynator

Joe Cerna Of Black Virgin

3/19/23 Gene Hunter & Gary Ryan Of

NY Fury & Steve Zing Of Samhain/Danzig

3/26/23 Vinnie Moore Of Ufo

Jym Harris Of Emissary


4/2/23 Carla Harvey Of Butcher Babies,

Glenn Rogers Of Primal And

Peter Baltes Of Ashrain

4/16/23 Chris Logue Of Savage Grace

Dave Hughart And Bill Simmons Of

The Wrath

4/23/23 Liv Kristine &

Daniel Cleland Of Savage Existence

4/30/23 Claude Schnell Of Dio

Mark Sutcliffe Of Trespass


5/7/23 Michael Kiske Of Helloween

Craig Locicero Of Forbidden

5/14/23 Danny Hynes Of Weapon

Jamey Jasta Of Hatebreed

5/21/23 Rocky Shades Of Wrathchild

Rick Hunolt Of DieHumane

5/28/23 Evo Evans Of Warfare &

Dan Nastasi Of Kings Never Die


6/4/23 Dez Fafara Of Devildriver

Austin Ingerman Of Gunshine

6/11/23 Michael Soliz Of Militia

Pat Ranieri Of Hellwitch

6/18/23 Richie Scarlett

Paul Revay Of Draxxis

6/25/23 Harry Conklin Of Jag Panzer

​& Stu Marshall Of Night Legion


7/2/23 'Revolution 1776'

7/9/23 David Ellefson Of Dieth &

Madeline Michelle Of Blood Star

7/16/23 Richie Faulkner Of Judas Priest

Kate French Of Vainglory

7/23/23 Jerry Magallenes Of Miriah

7/30/23 Billy Pulera Of Nick Fury


8/6/23 Jeff Scott Soto From Sons Of Apollo & Dave Odegaard Of Seventrain

8/13/23 Gus G Of Firewind &

James Rivers Of Helstar

8/20/23 Steve Gaines & Eric Bryan

From Anger As Art &

Alton Eddins Of Maxx Warrior

8/27/23 John Gallagher Of Raven & 

Wayne Noon & Alex Repetti Of 

 Severed Angel


9/10/23 Adrian Vandenberg Of VandenbergUdo Dirkschnieder Of UDO  Fifteen Year Anniversary Show

9/17/23 Kurt Krause Of Dementia

9/24/23 Ken Mettler,Rod Taken & Mike Mcdonald Of Christillow And 

Randy Lancaster Of Of Wrath


​10/1/23 Barry Purkis Of Thunderstick

10/8/23 Bob Mitchell Of Nighthunter

10/15/23 Alex Kamburov Of Scrollkeeper

10/22/23 Ben Batres Of Elm Street & John Connor Of Dog Eat Dog

10/29/23 'Horrorween Spooktacular XIV'


11/5/23 Robert Garven Of Cirith Ungol & Ron Thal From Art Of Anarchy

11/12/23 Chris Black Of High Spirits

11/19/23 Falco Of Wicked Maraya & Al Ravage Of Ravage

11/26/23 Kurt Stahl Of Resless &

Denis Barthe Of Aggression


12/3/23 Doro Pesch Of Doro & Paul Carley Of Vendetta

12/10/23 Dave Overkill Of Destructor

2/17/23 Sammy Dejohn & Sandy VasqueszOf Ruthless  & Roland Grapow Of Masterplan

12/23/23 'The Merry Metal Christmas Extravaganza XIV'

​12/31/23 'Happy New Hair XIII'