Classic 80's​




1/1/15 'Happy New Year VII'
1/4/15 Kevin Riddles Of Tytan
Charlie Soren Peter Jensen Of

Maltese Falcon

1/8/15 'Pure Evil'
1/11/15 Sammy DeJohn & Kenny McGee

Of Ruthless & Evo Of Warfare

1/15/15 'Billion Dollar Covers'
1/18/15 Rick Baez & Bob Luman Of Amulance

& Jarvis Leatherby Of NightDemon

1/22/15 'The Road To Redemption 2002'
1/25/15 Bettina France Of Meanstreak
& Russell Allen Of Adrenaline Mob

1/29/15 'Live From The Underground'
2/1/15 Mike Tirelli Of Messiahs Kiss
& Patrick Evil Of Satans Host

2/5/15 'The US O Metal Oregon'
2/8/15 Udo Dirkschneider Of U.D.O,
Terry Gorle Of Heir Apparent And
Bruce Batten Of Atomik Cocktail

2/12/15 'My Metal Valentine VII'
2/15/15 Mike Orlando Of Adrenaline Mob,
Ty Christian Of Lords Of The Trident & 
Dan Bryant Of The Road Vikings/Hexx

2/19/15 'Fistful'
2/22/15 Doro Pesch Of Doro
Maxxxwell Carlisle Of Hellion

2/26/15 'The Wide World Of Metal: Wales'
3/1/15 Kevin Jackson,Eric Tuttobene & Evan Guest Of Blind Assassin And
Jeff McCormack & Rick Pierce Of Q5

3/5/15 'Cowbells 6: Cowbell Of The Beast'
3/8/15 Ron Daniel Eriksen,Justin Zych &

Mike Gonzalez Of Viking And 
 Jason McMaster Of Dangerous Toys

3/12/15 'H.eVeMTL'
3/15/15 Joey Tempest Of Europe &

 Donny Hillier Of Trauma

3/19/15 'Die And Die Again'
3/22/15 Punky Peru Of Witch &

 David Shankle Of DSG

3/26/15 'Take These Chains'
3/29/15 Sid Flack Of Infectus 13 &
Chuck Woodard Of Kyrie Ellison


4/2/15 'Power Ballard'
4/5/15 Rob Rock Of Impelitteri,
Joe Sims & Geoff McKeown Of Axemaster
And Tyler Morris

4/9/15 'The Road To Redemption 2003'
4/12/15 Brad Divens Of Wrathchild America
& Michael Ulery & John Weils Of Sans Fear

4/16/15 'Gore Tastic'
4/19/15 Ron Cooke Of Thrust And
Vinny Stigma Of Agnostic Front

4/23/15 'Legions'
4/26/15 Gary Meskill Of The Crumbsuckers/Pro Pain & John Gallagher Of Raven

4/30/15 'The UK Of Metal: London'
5/3/15 Paul Shorty Van Camp Of Killer
& Mike Semesky From Rise Among Ruin

5/7/15 'Give Me Metal Or Give Me Death'
5/10/15 Mitch Thylacine Of Killen
& Scott Earl Of Culprit

5/14/15 'Six Degrees Of Joe Lynn Turner'
5/17/15 Carl Canedy Of The Rods

5/21/15 'Demo-Lition'
5/24/15 Charlie Wayne Morrill Of Hawk & 
Mick Michael From Corners Of Sanctuary

5/28/15 'The Ying & Not The Yang'
5/31/15 Grant Kirkhope Of Maineeaxe,
Glen Drover Of Metalusion And
Jeff Scott Soto Of Soto


6/4/15 'The US O Metal Pennsylvania'
6/7/15 Vince Vatican Of Vatican &
Stu Marshall From Death Dealer

6/11/15 'Armored Attack'
6/14/15 Ian Dick & Richard Frost Of Soldier

6/18/15 'Rip It Up'
6/21/15 Mark Biedermann Of Blind Illusion,
Count William Jannusch Of Witchcross &
Tom Maxwell Of Hellyeah

6/25/15 'Money Shot'
6/28/15 Bob Mitchel Of Mind Assassin,
Matt Marinelli Of Borealis &
Ross The Boss Of Death Dealer


7/2/15 'America'
7/5/15 Jeff Martin Of Blasted To Static
& Steve Stegg Of Sleepy Hollow

7/9/15 'The Road To Redemption 2004'
7/12/15 Jeff Rolland Of Sacrilege,
Marq Torien Of The Bulletboys &
Ruyter Suys Of Nashville Pussy

7/16/15 'Sacrament Of Sin'
7/19/15 Rob Warner Of Heathens Rage
& Kent Taylor Of Baron Steele

7/23/15 'Bleeding Heart'
'7/26/15 The V' Veronica Freeman,
Guitarist Marc Vanderberg &
Greg Marshall Of Stygian Shore

7/30/15 'Cum On Feel The Covers'
8/2/15 Freddie Wolf Of Evil &
Michael Alberque Of Infernal Opera

8/6/15 'The Wide World Of Metal: Argentina'
8/9/15 Tommy Stewart Of Hallows Eve &
Brittney Slayes Of Unleash The Archers

8/13/15 'Begotten'
8/16/15 Joe Gregory Of Valkyrie
& Luther Beltz Of Witchfynde

8/20/15 'The US Of Metal: Nevada'
8/23/15 Tino Troy Of Praying Mantis
& Josh Christian Of Toxik

8/27/15 'Unchained Angel'
8/30/15 Steve Gaines From Angel As Art
& Dave Keener From Ion Britton

9/3/15 'Labor Day'
9/6/15 Max Cavalera Of Soulfly &
Steve Smyth Of One Machine

9/10/15 'Going Solo'
9/13/15 Chris Caffery Of TSO,
Rudy Sarzo Of Devil City Angels &
Ian Greg Of Torch Seven Year Anniversary Show!

9/17/15 'Trilogy' 
9/20/15 Juan Ricardo Of Attaxe
& Mike Mellinger Of Intrinsic

9/24/15 'Jukebox'
9/27/15 Scott Watts Of Sacrifice
& Killian Khan Of Killer Khan


10/1/15 'Gone But Not Forgotten Revisited
10/4/15 Sean Peck Of Cage &
Jill Janus Of Huntress

10/8/15 'The Road To Redemption 2005'
10/11/15 Pat Burns Of Deathrash,
Liv Kristine Of Leaves' Eyes &
Brian Lee Of Enforcer

10/15/15 'Hard Rock'
10/18/15 Christer Andersson
Of Tad Morose

& Jorn Viggo Lofstad Of Pagan's Mind

10/22/15 'Sweet Revenge'
10/25/15 Lothar Antoni Of TranceMission
& Ronnie Dean Of Hexenhammer

10/29/15 'Horror-Ween Spooktacular VIII'

11/1/15 Mike Lepond Of Symphony X
& Joe Stump Of Holy Hell

11/5/15 'All We Owe'
11/8/15 Leather Leone Of Chastain
& Trey Gadler Of Azrael's Bane

11/12/15 'Disease'
11/15/15 Keith Letourneau Of Shallow Ground
& Bryan Holland Of Reverence

11/19/15 'The US Of Metal: Louisiana'
11/22/15 Madame Mayhem &
John Adams Of Love And War

11/26/15 'Tough Shoes To Fill'
11/29/15 Fang Vonwrathenstein Of LOTT
& Brett Blackout Vanlade


12/3/15 'The Eyes Have It'
12/6/15 Greg Fulton Of Znowhite &
Andrew Purchia III From As Darkness Dies

12/10/15 'The UK Of Metal East Of England'
12/13/15 Terry Dark Of Jameson Raid

12/17/15 'End Of Days'
12/20/15 Rui Tavora & PJ Griffith Of E-X-E

12/24/15 The Merry Metal Christmas Extravaganza VIII'
12/27/15 Tony Dolan Of Venom Inc

12/31/15 'Happy New Hair VIII'


1/2/14 'Covers & Lightning'
1/5/14 John Chernack Of Fantom Warior
& Steve Kachinsky Of Steel Prophet

1/9/14 'Submit Or Die'
1/12/14 David Garcia Of Cage/Hellscream
& Ray Bell & Bill Kelly Of Toxic Shock

1/16/14 'Finger Pickin Good'
1/19/14 Zakk Wylde Of Black Label Society
Joel Matioza Of Seventrain
Andy 'Pindy' Pindelski Of Armored Assault

1/23/14 'Six Degrees Of Ripper Owens'

1/26/14 Tom Hunting Of Exodus &
Mark Boals From Ring Of Fire

1/30/14 'The UK Of Metal East Midlands'
2/2/4 Randy Black Of Primal Fear
Norman Skinner Of Skinner

2/6/14 'Survival Of The Fittest 1999'
2/9/14 Carl Canedy Of The Rods &
Matt,Devlin,Fred,Roy & John Of Hursepower

2/13/14 'My Metal Valentine VI'
2/16/14 Donny Hillier Of Trauma,
Richie Stotts & TC Tolliver

Of The Plasmatics 

2/20/14 'Space And Time'
2/23/14 Xander Demos Of XDB &
Mike Orlando Of Adrenaline Mob

2/27/14 'Tail End Charlie'
3/2/14 Terry Butler Of Massacre
& Steve Zetro Souza Of Hatriot

3/6/14 'The US Of Metal: Iowa'
3/9/14 Igz Kincaid Of Hessler
& Katon De Pena Of Hirax

3/13/14 'New & Improved'
3/16/14 Spike Audia Of Kraken
Tony 'Abaddon' Bray

3/20/14 'Go Heels'
3/23/14 Maurizio Iacono Of Kataklysm
& Steve Gaines & Eric Bryan

From Anger As Art

3/27/14 'Muscles Of Metal'
3/30/14 Greg Maniscalco Of Rychus Syn

4/3/14 'Headless'
4/6/14 Ricky Warwick Of Black Star Riders

4/10/14 'The Wide World Of Metal: Ireland'
4/13/14 Dan Watson Of Hexx &
Marcus Siepen Of Blind Guardian

4/17/14 'Sold Out'
4/20/14 Ronnie Atkins Of Pretty Maids
& Rob Tidd Of Bashful Alley

4/24/14 'Road To Redemption 2000'
4/27/14 Bob Mayo Of Wargasm &
Brandon Baumann Of Diamond Lane


5/1/14 'Cinco D Cowbell'
5/4/14 Michael Vescera Of Obsession,
Eric Wagner Of The Skull &
Danny Hynes,Jeff Summers,PJ Phillips & Ian   Sweeting Of Weapon UK

5/8/14 'The Grass Is Greener'
5/11/14 Rudy Vercruysse Of Ostrogoth

5/15/14 'Ace Of Covers'
5/18/14 Marc Storace Of Krokus
& Rex Brown Of Kill Devil Hill

5/22/14 'B Grade'
5/25/14 Jeff Waters Of Annihilator
& Ray Bell Of Toxic Shock

5/29/14 'Lipstick. Leather & Lace'

6/5/14 'Expired'
6/8/14 James Rivera Of Helstar
& Steve Blaze Of Lillian Axe

6/12/14 'The US Of Metal: Kansas'
6/15/14 John Mortimer Of Holocaust
& Sharlee D'Angelo Of Arch Enemy

6/19/14 'No One Left'
6/22/14 George Neal & Tom Wassman

Of Ichabod Krane And
Rotten Rod Of Knightmare II

6/26/14 'Masters Of The Mic'
6/29/14 Gerard de Marigny Of Americade
And Jim Lyttle Of Rogue Male


7/3/14 'Liberty & Justice'
7/6/14 Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth Of Overkill
& David Defeis Of Virgin Steele

7/10/14 'Anger Is My Name'
7/13/14 Tony Foster Of Sparta

7/17/14 'Seven Dirty Words'
7/20/14 Gary Winslow Of August Redmoon
& Rek Anthony Of Breaker

7/24/14 'Hear No Evil, speak No Evil,

 See No Evil

7/27/14 Steve Bardsley Of Black Rose &
Jeff Mickelson Of Enticer/Undertaker

7/31/14 'The UK Of Metal: North West'
8/3/14 Jean-Pierre Fortin Of

 Deaf/Death Dealer

8/7/14 'Hardcore USA'
8/10/14 Mark Mari Of Sneak Attack &
Jeff Baddley & Nick Mannion Of Troyen

8/14/14 'Cover After Cover'
8/17/14 Bruce Fleckenstein Of X-Caliber & 
Steve Irons From Cities

8/21/14 The Road To Redemption 2001'
8/24/14 Dennis Dai & Ralph Senese Of Tortured Dog, Patrick Donofrio Of

Savage Thrust And Stephen Pearcy Of Ratt.

8/28/14 'Iron And Steel'
8/31/14 Dan Fila Of Varga,
John Garcia Of Vista Chino &
Steve Tetro Of Armed Forces


9/4/14 'Song Vs Song IV'
9/7/14 Mark Briody Of Jag Panzer,
Veronica Freeman Of Benedictum
& Warrel Dane Of Sanctuary

9/11/14 'Titans'
9/14/14 Chris Boltendahl Of Grave Digger,
Ron Cooke Of Thrust &
Mats Karlsson & Anders Engberg Of 220 Volt Six Year Anniversary Show

9/18/14 'The Wide World Of Metal: Sweden'
9/21/14 Harald Piller Of Saints Anger,
Tom Englund Of Evergrey ANd
Brett Blackout Of Vanlade

9/24/14 'Book Of Watchers'
9/28/14 Wolf Hoffman Of Accept,

Justin Zych Of Zephaniah & Chris Violence

10/2/14 'Finger Of God'
10/5/14 Doro Pesch Of Doro, Bernie Torme
& Titus Medina Of Crimson Reign

10/9/14 'Guardians Of The World'
10/12/14 Dan Beehler Of Exciter
Joe Cangelosi Of Brooklyn Militia

10/16/14 'The US Of Metal: Minnesota'
10/19/14 Carl Canedy Of The Rods,
Craig Setari From Sick Of It All
& Dave Lombardo Of Slayer

10/23/14 'Come Out And Play'
10/26/14 Brian Thomas & George Neal

Of Halloween, Brian Llapitan Of NME
& Kingsly King Fowley Of October 31

10/30/14 'Horrorween Spooktacular VII'
11/2/14 Tom Keifer Of Cinderella &
Mark Mueller Of Oliver Magnum

11/6/14 'Look Out'
11/9/14 Bobby Lucas Of Attacker &
Max Cavalera Of Cavalera Conspiracy

11/13/14 'Manly Man'
11/16/14 Greg Kalember Of Raven Bitch
& Anthony Fabrizi Of I.N.C

11/20/14 'New & Improved III'
11/23/14 Denis Barthe Of Aggression
& Gary Young Of Avenger

10/3/14 Tom Hunting Of Exodus
& Patrik Lecher Of Mortician


12/4/14 'The UK Of Metal South West
12/7/14 John Cruppe Of Fallen Angel

12/11/4 'A Child Shall Lead Them'
12/14/14 Neil Turbin Of DeathRiders
& Mike Usifer Of Prime Evil

12/18/14 'The Merry Metal Christmas Extravaganza VII'
12/21/14 Bill Lindsey Of Impaler
And Chris Ashlock Of Alstatia

12/28/14 Ariel Lee Of Wicked Sin


1/3/13 'Nervous Breakdown'
1/6/13 Mick Percy Of Battleaxe &
Ray LeGrand Of Oblivion Myth

1/10/13 'Song Vs Song II'
1/13/13 Mike,Bobby,Jon,Mike And Pat Of Attacker

1/17/13 'The UK Of Metal: North East England'
1/20/13 Joe Comeau Of Liege Lord

1/24/13 'Wizards And Warlocks'
1/27/13 Neil Wilkinson Of Spartan Warrior

1/31/13 'Sheer Thrash Attack'
2/13/13 Eric Peterson Of Testament
Doro Pesch Of Doro

2/7/13 'Six Degrees Of James Rivera'
2/10/13 Danko Jones Of Danko Jones

2/14/13 'My Metal Valentine V'
2/17/13 Neil Murray Of Snakecharmer
& Julian Mendez Of Heretic

2/21/13 'The US Of Metal: Tennessee'
2/24/13 Paul Speckmann Of Master

2/28/13 'Out Of Time'
3/3/13 Zak Stevens Of Circle II Circle
Alex Gutierrez Of Mortillery

3/7/13 'Chemical Warfare'
3/10/12 Vinny Stigma Of Agnostic Front
& Gord Kirchin The Exalted Piledriver

3/14/13 'The Wide World Of Metal Austria'
3/17/13 Josh Christian Of Toxik
& Lonny Paul Of Adler

3/21/13 'Unholy Savior​'
3/24/13 Biff Byford And Doug Scarratt

Of Saxon &Joe Cangelosi And Rich Day

Of Brooklyn Militia

3/28/13 'Crescent & The Cross'
3/31/13 George Lynch Of Tooth And Nail
& Jespar Binzer Of D-A-D


4/4/13 'Timeline: Quiet Riot'
4/7/13 Udo Dirkschneider Of U.D.O,
Jon Zazula From Megaforce &
Steve Zetro Souza Of Hatriot

4/11/13 'Survival Of Fittest 1996'
4/14/13 Tony Truglio,Dan Wacker,Frank Gilchriest & Joe Comeau Of Liege Lord
George Neal & Brian Thomas Of Halloween

4/17/13 'To The Devil His Due'
4/21/13 Brian Ross Of Blitzkreig/Satan
& Keith Spargo Of Silencer

4/25/13 'Re-Inventing The Wheel'
4/28/12 George Call Of Aska
& Steve Ramsey Of Satan


5/2/13 'A Roll Of The Dice'
5/5/13 Tracey Lamb Of Rock Goddess
& Ty Tammeus Of Artizan

5/9/13 'Princess'
5/12/13 Richie Wise Of Dust
& Rachel Bolan Of Skid Row

5/16/13 'Keelhaul'
5/19/13 Greg Hall Of Sacred Reich
& Jeff Pilson Of Foriegner

5/23/13 'Heading Back Undercover'
5/26/13 Philly Byrne Of Gama Bomb,
Ethan Brosh Of Angels Of Babylon
& Chris Wyse Of The Cult

5/30/13  The UK Of Metal West Midlands'
6/2/13 Pete Franklin Of Chariot
& Gabriel Anthony Of Tyrants Reign

6/6/13 'Catatonia'
6/9/13 Phil Denton Of Midnight Messiah
& Bob Petrosino Of Oblivion

6/13/13 'Invasion'
6/16/13 Russ Dwarf Of Killer Dwarfs &
Sandie,Sylvia,Ruth Garza
Of Heather Leather

6/20/13 'Cali-Core'
6/23/13 Tim Wilson Of Nitro,
Magnus Karlsson Of Primal Fear 
& Algy Ward Of Tank

6/27/13 'Shoot Out'
6/30/13 Gary Young Of Avenger
& Jon Oliva Of Pain


7/4/13 'Old Glory'
7/7/13 Brian Korban Of Heretic
& Frank Gilchriest Of Virgin Steele

7/11/13 ;The US O Metal; Colorado'
7/14/12 Carmine Appice Of King Kobra
& Evo Of Warfare

7/18/13 'In The Gutter'
7/21/13 Anthony Cross Of Seven Witches
& Craig Goldy Of Dio

7/25/13 'Survival Of The Fittest 1997'
7/28/13 John Hobbs Of Paradoxx &
Mark Glabe And Lorraine Gill From

Taist Of Iron

8/1/13 'Cowbells 2x2'
8/4/13 Paul Shortino Of Rough Cutt
& Gary Pearson Of Vardis

8/8/13 'Death To Posers'
8/11/13 Pat Travers Of The Pat Travers Band
& Michael Koch Of Witch Cross

8/15/13 'The UK Of Metal: East England'
8/18/13 Michel 'Away' Langevin Of Voivod,
Chris Bradley & Andy Dawson Of Savage
 & Frank Tosi Of Metaldox

3/22/13 'Three In One'
3/25/13 Ray Alder Of Fates Warning,
Shawn Van Wyhe Of Death Alley Motor Cult
& Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstien

Of The Misfits

3/29/13 'The Soundtrack Of My Life'

500th Episode

9/1/13 Steve Jasuilewicz Of Beyond Fallen
& Ian Dick & Miles Goodman Of Soldier

9/5/13 'The Hard Side Of The Moon'
9/8/13 Mike Davis & Sean Peck
Of Death Dealer

 & Gene Hoglan Of Dark Angel

9/12/13 'Standing In Shadows'
9/15/13 James Labrie Of Dream Theater
& Geoff Thorpe Of Vicious Rumors

Five Year Anniversary Shows

9/19/13 'Six Degrees Of Jeff Scott Soto'
9/22/13 Dave Felton Of Kriadiaz,
Mat Sinner Of Sinner &
Nick Menza Ex Megadeth

9/25/13 Kink Of Kingshifter (Interview Deleted)

9/26/13 'Timeline: Trouble'
9/29/13 Bill Tsamis & Mark Zonder Of Warlord,
Al Jourgensen Of Ministry And
Larry Farkas & Geln Mancaruso Of

 Vengeance Rising

10/1/13 Patrick Sheriden From Fit For An Autopsy

(Youtube Channel Interview)

10/3/13 'Hospi-Hell'
10/6/13 Lita Ford, Garry Pepperd Of Jaguar
& Joe Comeau Of Liege Lord 

10/8/13 Eike Freese Of Dark Age (Youtube Channel Interview)

10/10.13 ;Blood Stains'
10/13/13 Antton Lant Of Def Con One
& Nige Rockett Of Onslaught

10/15/13 Paul Logue Of Edens Curse

(Youtube Channel Interview)

10/17/13 'Survival Of The Fittest 1998'
10/20/13 JR & Erick Of Neuronspoiler
& Tony MacAlpine Of PSMS

10/24/13 'Zombified'
10/27/13 Chuck Billy Of Testament &
Michael Voss Of Mad Max/Wolfpakk

10/29/14 Angry Phill From Madlife

(Youtube Channel Interview)

10/31/13 'Horrorween Spooktacular VI'
11/3/13 Craig Locicero Of Spiralarms
& Dave Wyndorf Of Monster Magnet

11/7/13 'The Land Of Make Believe'
11/10/13 Vinny Appice Of Kill Devil Hill
& Fang From Lords Of The Trident

11/14/13 'The US Of Metal: Oklahoma'
11/17/13 Michael Kiske Of Place Vandome &
Veronica Freeman Of Benedictum

11/21/13 'Song Vs Song III'
11/24/13 Joe Stump From Holyhell &
Mille Petrozza From Kreator

2/1/13 Maxine Petrucci Of Madam X
& Michael Ulery Of Sans Fear

12/5/13 'In One Door & Out The Other'
12/8/13 Biff Byford Of Saxon &
Kevin Montgomery Of Pseudocidal

12/12/13 'Misery Loves Company'
12/15/13 Leather Leone Of Chastain
And Maxxxwell Carlisle 

12/19/13 'The Merry Metal Christmas Extravaganza VI'
12/22/13 Jon Schaffer Of Iced Earth
And Prophet Of St. Madness

12/26/13 'Happy New Hair VI'
12/29/13Derrick Brumley Of Conquest