Classic 80's​



Kevin Riddles Of Tytan
Charlie Soren Peter Jensen Of Maltese Falcon

Sammy DeJohn & Kenny McGee Of Ruthless
Evo Of Warfare

Rick Baez And Bob Luman Of Amulance
Jarvis Leatherby Of Night Demon

Bettina France Of Meanstreak
Russell Allen Of Adrenaline Mob

Mike Tirelli Of Messiahs Kiss
Patrick Evil Of Satans Host

Udo Dirkschneider Of U.D.O
Terry Gorle Of Heir Apparent
Bruce Batten Of Atomik Cocktail

Mike Orlando Of Adrenaline Mob
Ty Christian Of Lords Of The Trident
Dan Bryant Of The Road Vikings/Hexx

Doro Pesch Of Doro
Maxxxwell Carlisle Of Hellion

Kevin Jackson,Eric Tuttobene & Evan Guest Of Blind Assassin
Jeff McCormack & Rick Pierce Of Q5

Ron Daniel Eriksen,Justin Zych & Mike Gonzalez Of Viking
Jason McMaster Of Dangerous Toys

Joey Tempest Of Europe
Donny Hillier Of Trauma

Punky Peru Of Witch
David Shankle Of DSG

Sid Flack Of Infectus 13
Chuck Woodard Of Kyrie Ellison

Rob Rock Of Impelitteri
Joe Sims & Geoff McKeown Of Axemaster
Tyler Morris

Brad Divens Of Wrathchild America
Michael Ulery & John Weils Of Sans Fear

Ron Cooke Of Thrust
Vinny Stigma Of Agnostic Front

Gary Meskill Of The Crumbsuckers/Pro Pain
John Gallagher Of Raven

Paul Shorty Van Camp Of Killer
Mike Semesky From Rise Among Ruin

Mitch Thylacine Of Killen
Scott Earl Of Culprit

Carl Canedy Of The Rods
Charlie Wayne Morrill Of Morrill/Smith
Mick Michael From Corners Of Sanctuary

Grant Kirkhope Of Maineeaxe
Glen Drover Of Metalusion
Jeff Scott Soto Of Soto

Vince Vatican Of Vatican
Stu Marshall From Empires Of Eden/Death Dealer

Ian Dick & Richard Frost Of Soldier
Mark Biedermann Of Blind Illusion
Count William Jannusch Of Witchcross
Tom Maxwell Of Hellyeah

Bob Mitchel Of Mind Assassin
Matt Marinelli Of Birealis
Ross The Boss Of Death Dealer

Jeff Martin Of racer X/Blasted To Static
Steve Stegg Of Sleepy Hollow

Jeff Rolland Of Sacrilege
Marq Torien Of The Bulletboys
Ruyter Suys Of Nashville Pussy

Rob Warner Of Heathens Rage
Kent Taylor Of Baron Steele

'The V' Veronica Freeman
Guitarist Marc Vanderberg
Greg Marshall Of Stygian Shore

Freddie Wolf Of Evil
Michael Alberque Of Infernal Opera

Tommy Stewart Of Hallows Eve
Brittney Slayes Of Unleash The Archers

Joe Gregory Of Valkyrie
Luther Beltz Of Witchfynde

Tino Troy Of Praying Mantis
Josh Christian Of Toxik

Steve Gaines From Angel As Art
Dave Keener From Ion Britton

Max Cavalera Of Soulfly
Steve Smyth Of One Machine

Chris Caffery Of TSO/Savatage
Rudy Sarzo Of Devil City Angels
Ian Greg Of Torch

Juan Ricardo Of Sunless Sky/Attaxe
Mike Mellinger Of Intrinsic

Scott Watts Of Sacrifice
Killian Khan Of Killer Khan

Sean Peck Of Cage/Death Dealer
Jill Janus Of Huntress

Pat Burns Of Deathrash
Liv Kristine Of Leaves' Eyes
Brian Lee Of Enforcer

Christer Krunt Andersson Of Tad Morose
Jorn Viggo Lofstad Of Pagan's Mind

Lothar Antoni Of TranceMission
Ronnie Dean Of Hexenhammer

Mike Lepond Of Symphony X
Joe Stump Of Holy Hell

Leather Leone Of Chastain
Trey Gadler Of Azrael's Bane

Keith Letourneau Of Shallow Ground
Bryan Holland Of Reverence

Madame Mayhem
John Adams Of Love And War

Fang Vonwrathenstein Of LOTT
Brett Blackout Vanlade

Greg Fulton Of Znowhite
Andrew Purchia III From As Darkness Dies

Terry Dark Of Jameson Raid
Rui Tavora & PJ Griffith Of E-X-E
Tony Dolan Of Venom Inc


Mick Percy Of Battleaxe
Ray LeGrand Of Oblivion Myth

Mike,Bobby,Jon,Mike And Pat Of Attacker
Joe Comeau Of Liege Lord/DuskMachine
Neil Wilkinson Of Spartan Warrior
Eric Peterson Of Testament
Doro Pesch Of Doro

Danko Jones Of Danko Jones
Neil Murray Of Snakecharmer
Julian Mendez Of Heretic

Paul Speckmann Of Master
Zak Stevens Of Circle II Circle
Alex Gutierrez Of Mortillery

Vinny Stigma Of Agnostic Front
Gord Kirchin The Exalted Piledriver

Josh Christian Of Toxik
Lonny Paul Of Adler

Biff Byford And Doug Scarratt Of Saxon
Joe Cangelosi And Rich Day Of Brooklyn Militia

George Lynch Of Tooth And Nail
Jespar Binzer Of D-A-D

Udo Dirkschneider Of U.D.O
Jon Zazula From Megaforce
Steve Zetro Souza Of Hatriot

Tony Truglio,Dan Wacker,Frank Gilchriest & Joe Comeau Of Liege Lord
George Neal & Brian Thomas Of Halloween

Brian Ross Of Blitzkreig/Satan
Keith Spargo Of Silencer

George Call Of Aska
Steve Ramsey Of Satan

Tracey Lamb Of Rock Goddess
Ty Tammeus Of Artizan

Richie Wise Of Dust
Rachel Bolan Of Skid Row

Greg Hall Of Sacred Reich
Jeff Pilson Of Foriegner

Philly Byrne Of Gama Bomb
Ethan Brosh Of Angels Of Babylon
Chris Wyse Of The Cult

Pete Franklin Of Chariot
Gabriel Anthony Of Tyrants Reign

Phil Denton Of Midnight Messiah
Bob Petrosino Of Oblivion

Russ Dwarf Of Killer Dwarfs
Sandie,Sylvia & Ruth Garza Of Heather Leather

Tim Wilson Of Nitro
Magnus Karlsson Of Primal Fear
Algy Ward Of Tank

Gary Young Of Avenger
Jon Oliva Of Pain

Brian Korban Of Heretic
Frank Gilchriest Of Virgin Steele

Carmine Appice Of King Kobra
Evo Of Warfare

Anthony Cross Of Seven Witches
Craig Goldy Of Dio

John Hobbs Of Paradoxx
Mark Glabe And Lorraine Gill From

Taist Of Iron
Paul Shortino Of Rough Cutt
Gary Pearson Of Vardis

Pat Travers Of The Pat Travers Band
Michael Koch Of Witch Cross

Michel 'Away' Langevin Of Voivod
Chris Bradley & Andy Dawson Of Savage
Frank Tosi Of Metaldox

Ray Alder Of Fates Warning
Shawn Van Wyhe Of Death Alley Motor Cult
Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstien Of The Misfits

Steve Jasuilewicz Of Beyond Fallen
Ian Dick & Miles Goodman Of Soldier

Mike Davis & Sean Peck Of Death Dealer
Gene Hoglan Of Dark Angel

Jamies Labrie Of Dream Theater
Geoff Thorpe Of Vicious Rumors

Dave Felton Of Kriadiaz
Mat Sinner Of Sinner
Nick Menza Ex Megadeth

Bill Tsamis And Mark Zonder Of Warlord
Al Jourgensen Of Ministry
Larry Farkas And Geln Mancaruso Of Vengeance Rising

Lita Ford
Garry Pepperd Of Jaguar
Joe Comeau Of Duskmachine

Antton Lant Of Def Con One
Nige Rockett Of Onslaught

JR & Erick Of Neuronspoiler
Tony MacAlpine Of PSMS

Chuck Billy Of Testament
Michael Voss Of Mad Max/Wolfpakk

Craig Locicero Of Spiralarms
Dave Wyndorf Of Monster Magnet

Vinny Appice Of Kill Devil Hill
Fang From Lords Of The Trident

Michael Kiske Of Unisonic
Veronica Freeman Of Benedictum

Joe Stump From Holyhell
Mille Petrozza From Kreator

Maxine Petrucci Of Madam X
Michael Ulery Of Sans Fear

Biff Byford Of Saxon
Kevin Montgomery Of Pseudocidal

Leather Leone Of Chastain
Maxxxwell Carlisle Of Hellion

Jon Schaffer Of Iced Earth
Prophet Of St. Madness

Derrick Brumley Of Conquest


John Chernack Of Fantom Warior
Steve Kachinsky Of Steel Prophet

David Garcia Of Cage/Hellscream
Ray Bell & Bill Kelly Of Toxic Shock

Zakk Wylde Of Black Label Society
Joel Matioza Of Seventrain
Andy 'Pindy' Pindelski Of Armored Assault

Tom Hunting Of Exodus
Mark Boals From Ring Of Fire

Randy Black Of Primal Fear
Norman Skinner Of Skinner

Carl Canedy Of The Rods
Matt,Devlin,Fred,Roy & John Of Hursepower

Donny Hillier Of Trauma
Richie Stotts & TC Tolliver Of The Plasmatics

Xander Demos Of XDB
Mike Orlando Of Adrenaline Mob

Terry Butler Of Massacre
Steve Zetro Souza Of Hatriot

Igz Kincaid Of Hessler
Katon De Pena Of Hirax

Spike Audia Of Kraken
Tony 'Abaddon' Bray

Maurizio Iacono Of Kataklysm
Steve Gaines & Eric Bryan From

Anger As Art
Greg Maniscalco Of Rychus Syn
Ricky Warwick Of Black Star Riders
Dan Watson Of Hexx
Marcus Siepen Of Blind Guardian/Sinbreed

Ronnie Atkins Of Pretty Maids
Rob Tidd Of Bashful Alley

Bob Mayo Of Wargasm
Brandon Baumann Of Diamond Lane

Michael Vescera Of Obsession
Eric Wagner Of The Skull
Danny Hynes,Jeff Summers,PJ Phillips & Ian Sweeting Of Weapon UK

Rudy Vercruysse Of Ostrogoth
Marc Storace Of Krokus
Rex Brown Of Kill Devil Hill

Jeff Waters Of Annihilator
Ray Bell Of Toxic Shock

James Rivera Of Helstar
Steve Blaze Of Lillian Axe

John Mortimer Of Holocaust
Sharlee D'Angelo Of Arch Enemy

George Neal & Tom Wassman

Of Ichabod Krane
Rotten Rod Of Knightmare II

Gerard de Marigny Of Americade
Jim Lyttle Of Rogue Male

Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth Of Overkill
David Defeis Of Virgin Steele

Tony Foster Of Sparta
Gary Winslow Of August Redmoon
Rek Anthony Of Breaker

Steve Bardsley Of Black Rose
Jeff Mickelson Of Enticer/Undertaker

Jean-Pierre Fortin Of Deaf/Death Dealer
Mark Mari Of Sneak Attack
Jeff Baddley & Nick Mannion Of Troyen

Bruce Fleckenstein Of X-Caliber
Steve Irons From Circle Of Thorns/Cities

Dennis Dai & Ralph Senese Of Tortured Dog
Patrick Donofrio Of Savage Thrust
Stephen Pearcy Ex Ratt

Dan Fila Of Varga
John Garcia Of Vista Chino
Steve Tetro Of Armed Forces

Mark Briody Of Jag Panzer
Veronica Freeman Of Benedictum
Warrel Dane Of Sanctuary

Chris Boltendahl Of Grave Digger
Ron Cooke Of Thrust
Mats Karlsson & Anders Engberg Of 220 Volt

Harald Piller Of Saints Anger/Palace
Tom Englund Of Evergrey
Brett Blackout Of Vanlade

Wolf Hoffman Of Accept
Justin Zych Of Zephaniah
Chris Violence

Doro Pesch Of Doro
Bernie Torme
Titus Medina Of Crimson Reign

Dan Beehler Of Exciter
Joe Cangelosi Of Brooklyn Militia

Carl Canedy Of The Rods
Craig Setari From Sick Of It All
Dave Lombardo Of Philm

Brian Thomas & George Neal Of Halloween
Brian Llapitan Of NME
Kingsly King Fowley Of October 31

Tom Keifer Of Cinderella
Mark Mueller Of Oliver Magnum

Bobby Leatherlungs Lucas Of Attacker
Max Cavalera Of Cavalera Conspiracy

Greg Kalember Of Raven Bitch
Anthony Fabrizi Of I.N.C

Denis Barthe Of Aggression
Gary Young Of Avenger

Tom Hunting Of Exodus
Patrik Lecher Of Mortician

John Cruppe Of Fallen Angel
Neil Turbin Of DeathRiders
Mike Usifer Of Prime Evil

Bill Lindsey Of Impaler
Chris Ashlock Of Alstatia

Ariel Lee Of Wicked Sin