Classic 80's​



1/7/18 Steve Tucker Of Morbid Angel
& Steve Summers Of Pretty Boy Floyd

1/14/18 Suzanne Hearts Of Deathslayer
& Kevin Goocher Of Gods And Monsters

1/21/18 Dave Guiterrez Of Despairadisio
1/28/18 Alex Bosson From Lunar
& Mike Portnoy From Sons Of Apollo

2/4/18 Gerre Of Tankard &
Neil Wilkinson Of Spartan Warrior

2/11/18 David Reece Of Sainted Sinners,
Viixen Of Thunderstick Doug Lee Of Sirem And Glenn Rogers Of Deliverance

2/14/18 'My Metal Valentine X' 
2/18/18 Dirk Kennedy Of Hittman
& Scott Shapiro From Space Vacation

2/25/18 Bryan Holland Of Reverence &
Al Ravage & The Duke From Iron Will

3/4/18 Matt Mccourt & Troy Stutzman Of Wild Dogs & Udo Dirkschneider Of U.D.O
3/11/18 Steve Gaines From Anger As Art
& Tom Mody From Harbinger

3/18/18 Mike Sabatini Of Attacker
& Davey Aylor Of Argus

3/25/18 Brian Martini Of Philadelphia
& Matt Marinelli Of Borealis

4/8/18 Gus G Of Firewind.
Greg May Of Tyrant
& Leather Leone Of Leather

4/15/18 Ron Young Of Little Caesar
& Rik Fox Of Steeler

4/22/18 Corky Laing Of Mountain
& Brad Sinsel Of TKO

4/29/18 Greg Eichelberger & Pete Alvarez Of Redd Barron & James Rivera Of Helstar
5/6/18 Mike Dean From Corrosion Of Conformity & Marq Torien Of The BulletBoys
5/13/18 Tom Mallicoat Of Lethal
& Joey Z From Life Of Agony

5/20/18 Lizzy Borden And 
Pat McKeon Of Max Havoc

5/27/18 Kenneth Allen Burdge III Of Fiarka
6/3/18 Ronnie Cooke Of Thrust
& Eric AK Of Flotsam & Jetsam

6/10/18 Ross The Boss &

David Austin Of Nasty Savage
6/17/18 Peter Ellis Of Monument
& Andy Southwell Of Vicious Nature

6/24/18 Heidi Black Of Blacksmith &
Mark Glabe & Lorraine Gill From Taist Of Iron

7/1/18 Thorsten Bauer Of Atrocity

7/8/18 Christer Krunt Andersson Of Tad Morose
& Joel Stair Of Leathurbitch

7/15/18 Steve McArdle & Glen Reed Of

Skull Hammer
7/22/18 John Macko Of Fifth Angel
7/29/18 Jason Ashcraft Of Helion Prime
& Johan Rydberg Of Grimner

8/5/18 Kris Gustofson Of Trauma
Jason Lamtman Of Hate Theory

8/19/18 Doro Pesch Of Doro,
Aaron Hart Of Love Stallion &
Jonathan Jourdan Of To Whom It May

9/2/18 Michael Romeo Of Symphony X
& Glen Benton Of Deicide

9/9/18 David Defeis Of Virgin Steele
& Lee Payne Of Cloven Hoof

9/16/18 Dee Snider Of Twisted Sister
Leather Leone Of Chastain

Wolf Hoffmann Of Accept 

Ten Year Anniversary Show
9/23/18 John Cruppe Of Fallen Angel

Lonnie Hammer O Hmmer Down Hard

9/30/18 Steve Bello & Richie Jano Of Murkocet
10/7/18 Evo From Warfare
& Gregg Livesay Of Livesay

9/14/18 Chris Impellitteri Of Impellitteri
& Dez Fafara Of DevilDriver

10/21/18 Russ Driver Of Lace Dragon
& Robert Williams Of Witches Mark

10/28/18 Joe McGuigan Of Gama Bomb
& Pat Mulock Of Phear

10/31/18 'Horrorween Spooktacular XI'
11/4/18 Steve Gaines From Anger As Art
& David Reece Of Reece

11/11/18 Tony And Bob Gourley Of Powerlord
& Matt Barlow From Ashes Of Ares

11/18/18 Samuel Nyman Of Manimal
& Chris Black Of High Spirits

11/25/18 Rob Furland, Sandy Hyde & Rick Hart Of Midnight Vice
12/2/18 Billy Graziadei Of Biohazard
12/9/18 Greg Scott Of Forte
12/16/18 Jeff Carlson Of The Jeff Carlson Band

12/23/18 'The Merry Metal Christmas Extravaganza XI'

12/31/18 'Happy New Hair X'


1/1/17 Gus G Of Firewind
1/8/17 Alan Tecchio Of Watchtower
1/15/17 Madame Mayhem &
Jacques Belanger Of Assassin's Blade

1/22/17 Jerry Franklin,Shawn Kaiser & Kevin Dixon Of Metal Life Crisis
1/29/17 Jack Russell Of Great White &
John Pieroni & Greg Messick Of Intruder

2/5/17 Bobby Ellsworth Of Overkill
& Matt Ulricksen Of United

2/9/17 'My Metal Valentine IX'
2/12/17 Ross Dolan Of Immolation,
Nick Giannakos Of Wretch &
Steve Zimmerman Of Enemy Remains

2/19/17 Mikhall Myers Of Destroyer
2/26/17 Stu Marshall Of Death Dealer
& David Reece Of Sainted Sinners

3/5/17 George Lynch Of KXM
& Marta Gabriel Of Crystal Viper

3/12/17 Ron Thal From Art Of Anarchy &
Adam Tranquilli ,Cj Scioscia Of Blood Feast

3/19/17 Margarita Monet Edge Of Paradise
& Norman Lawson Of Chained Lace

3/26/17 Chuck Billy Of Testament
& John Kevill Of Warbringer

4/2/17 Chris Bailey Of Infernal Majesty
& Bill Fisher Of Mega Colossus

4/9/17 Jarvis Leatherby Of Night Demon
& Stuart Laurence Of Ignitor

4/23/17 Punky Meadows Of Angel &
Scott Board & Eric Burgess Of Cerebus

4/30/17 Tim Brown Of Striker
5/7/17 Bob Mitchell Of Savior From Anger
& Vincent Manfredi Of Attila

5/21/17 Brian Tatler Of Diamond Head
& Lee Payne Of Cloven Hoof

5/28/17 Peter Graigs, Joe Lawson Of Screamking & Rex Brown Of Pantera
6/4/17 Evo Of Warfare
& Liv Jagrell Of Liv Sin

6/10/17 Joe Leonard Of Frigid Bich
6/18/17 Scott Peterson Of Cryptic Slaughter
6/25/17 Melissa Jane Of Synn
& Tom Collier Of Held Hostage

7/2/17 MaryAnn Scandiffio Of Blacklace
& Jared Deaver From Dawn Of Morgana

7/9/17 Tommy Victor Of Prong
& Norman Skinner Of Niviane

7/16/17 Al Ravage Of Ravage
& Mike Annis Of Matrekis

7/23/17 Paul Van Valkenburgh Of Tubefreeks
& Doug Calloway Of Legion

7/20/17 Joe Stump From Tower Of Babel
& Tom Innamorato Of Warhead

8/6/17 Vince High Of Mythra,
Ross The Boss &
Barry 'Thunderstick' Purkis Of Samson

8/13/17 Blaze Bayley ,Al Berlanga Of Syrus
& Roland Grapow Of Masterplan

8/20/17 Frankie Banali Of Quiet Riot,
Joe Cangelosi Of Uncivil War &
Mikey Cunningham & The Aftermath

8/27/17 Kristian Havard Of Xentrix &
Robert Stevens & Alan Foley Of Dark Age

9/3/17 Jim Crean Of Appice,
Jack Starr & Ned Meloni From Burning Starr
& Mike Walz Of Dementia

9/10/17 Dan Watson Of Hexx,
Doro Pesch Of Doro & Axxl Of Stallion

9/17/17 Mark Briody Of Jag Panzer
Max Cavalera Of Soulfly

Nine Year Anniversary Show

9/25/17 Ron Cooke Of Thrust
& Vince Santonastaso Of Symetria

10/1/17 Mark Gus Scott Of Trixter,
Roger 'Douchebag' Decarlo Of Cruella
& Andreas Johansson Of Air Raid

10/8/17 Dani Filth From Cradle Of Filth
Rich Ward Of Fozzy & Bob Kulick

10/15/17 Eric Wagner Of The Skull,
Brian Blake Of Genghis Khan &
Brian Tarquin From Band Of Brothers

10/22/17 Brad Sinsel Of TKO &
Joe Sims & Geoff McGraw Of Axemaster

10/29/17 'Horrorween Spooktacular X'
11/5/17 Jeff Jones Of St Elmos Fire
& Mark Ruffneck From Oz

11/12/17 Lou DiBello, Mike Matney Of

White Boy & The Average Rat Band
& Larry Lethal Of F.K.U

11/14/17 Jason Crosson Of Crosson

(Youtube Channel Interview)
11/19/17 Mark Warner Of Rex Vector,
Sabrina Kihlstrand Of Ice Age &
Jacob Cade Of The Jacob Cade Project

11/18/17 Tim Swisher Of Eyes Of The Living

(Youtube Channel Interview)
11/26/17 Craig Thomas Of Preyer
& Jett Black Of Salems Lott

12/3/17 Heidi Shepherd & Carla Harvey

From Butcher Babies
Steffany Johnston Of Masqued

12/10/17 Greg Handevidt Of Kublai Khan
& Madame Mayhem

12/17/17 Piet Sielck Of Iron Savior
& Elina,Alex & Torso Of Leaves Eyes

12/24/17 'The Merry Metal Christmas Extravaganza X'

12/31/17 'Happy New Hair IX'


1/3/16 John Macko Of Fifth Angel

1/7/16 'Fighting Back'
1/10/16 Shawn Pelata Of Final Sign

1/14/16 'The Road To Redemption 2006'
1/17/16 Falcon Eddie Green Of Phantom
And Axel Rudi Pell

1/21/16 'The Final Cowbell'
1/24/16 Rich Rozek Of War Cry
& Brian Blake Of Eternal Voyager

1/28/16 'Destined For Extinction'
1/31/16 Siki Spacek Of Black Death 
& Zak Stevens Of Circle II Circle


2/4/16 'Blinded'
2/7/16 Chuck Billy Of Testament,
Dave Overkill Of Destructor &
Sean Peck Of Denner/Sherman

2/11/16 'My Metal Valentine VIII'
2/14/16 Jeff Scott Soto Of Soto,
Jeff Neal Of Dogbane &
Dave Starr & London Wilde Of Wildestarr

2/18/16 'Blue Oyster Cover'
2/21/16 Steve 'Lips' Kudlow Of Anvil,
Steve Stegg Of Sleepy Hollow,
Tony Clarkin Of Magnum &
Angelica Valkyrie From Flames Of Fury

2/25/16 'A Million Ways To Die'
2/28/16 Rick Bouwman Of Martyr,
Madame Mayhem , Rayman James Of Malice
And Doro Pesch Of Doro


3/3/16 'The US Of Metal California'
3/6/16 Carlos Denogean Of Salvacion,
Craig Kory Of Takashi And
Paul Hastey Of Angerhead

3/10/16 'Stalker'
3/13/16 Joe Leonard Of Frigid Bich

3/17/16 'Instruments Of Pain'
3/20/16 Michael Barasch Of Panther
Jessikill & Anthony Mavrikis Of Envenomed

3/24/16 'Set To Explode'
3/27/16 Mike & Max Portnoy Of Metal Allegiance & Next To None. Andy Timmons From Danger Danger,
Jason Ashcraft Of Helion Prime &
Kurdt Vanderhoof Of Metal Church

3/31/16 'The Final Matinee'
4/3/16 Brad Sinsel Of TKO, Rob Cavestany 

& Mark Osegueda Of Death Angel
4/10/16 Lee Aaron, Stacey Savage Of\

Savage Master, Troy Dixler Of Sindrome
And Adrian Jenkinson Of Salem

4/17/16 Harley Flanagan Of Harleys War,
 AJ Spiegel Of Jack The Ripper &
TC Tolliver/Jerry Franklin Of Tolliver/Franklin

4/24/16 Flo Laurin Of SinBreed
Danny Mann Of Sorizon
Steve Handel Of Seventh Calling

5/1/16 Carmine Appice Of Vanilla Fudge,
Gary Winslow,J Patrick McCosar,Dave Young Of August Redmoon &

 Falco Of Wicked Maraya,
5/8/16 Carl Canedy Of The Rods,
Mat Sinner Of Primal Fear,
Rocky Shades Of Wrathchild &
Eric Ak Knutson Of Flotsam & Jetsam

5/15/16 Mem V Stein Of Exumer,
Piet Sielck Of Iron Savior &
Jeff Scott Soto Of Soto

6/5/16 Tim Baker,Robert Garven ,

Jim Barraza Of Cirith Ungol,
Derrick Brumley Of Conquest &
Keith Smith,Tim McDonald,Bob Schultz & Kevin Butler Of Oblivion Myth

6/12/16 Joe Lynn Turner Of Sunstorm,
John Riccio Of Tantrum And
Brian Frank Of Killer Rapid Tears

6/19/16 Jeff Martin Of Blasted To Static
Kenny Powell Of Omen And 
Bobby Jarzombek Of Fates Warning

6/26/16 Chris Bennett Of Widow
Glenn Hoffman,Michael Adrian,Chris Hopkinson Of Black Knight
And Dreadnaught

6/30/16 'Proud To Be'
7/3/16 Rick Darr Of Assassin
& Sam Easley Of Glacier

7/10/16 Charly Steinhauer Of Paradox
& Sammy DeJohn Of Ruthless

7/17/16 Steve Gaines From Anger As Art

7/24/16 Dave Keener Of Ion Britton
& John Regan Of Four By Fate

7/31/16 Terry Brennan & Joey D'imperio

Of Lady Killer And
Simon Wright Of Dio Disciples

8/7/16 Randy Davis Of Wrathskeller
& Dan Whitmer of Hellevate

8/14/16 Chris Violence And
Don Doty Of Eliminate/Dark Angel

8/21/16 Bobby Gustafson Of Hail Mary,
Mike V & Franco Roc Of Chains Over Razors

9/4/16 Chris Black Of High Spirits
& Jon Dette Of Meshiakk

9/11/16 Vince Vatican Of Vatican,
Tom Englund Of Evergrey &
Bob Katsionis Of Firewind

9/18/16 Michael Sabatini Of Attacker

Co Hosting Geoff Tate Of Queensryche.
Frank Dimino Of Angel

Eight Year Anniversary Show

9/25/16 Doro Pesch Of Doro,
Greg Boileau Of Sarasin &
Steve Dadaian Of Pareidolia

10/2/16 George Neal Of Ichabod Krane 
& Scott Leach Of Crystal Ball

10/9/16 Mark J Dexter Of Dexter Ward
& Ken Mettler & Michael McDonald

Of Christillow
10/16/16 UDO Dirkschneider Of U.D.O
Bob Mitchell Of Mind Assassin

10/23/16 Emily Anne Of Axxion,
Durhan Petrossi Of Iron Mask &
Paul Logue Of Edens Curse

10/29/16 'Horrorween Spooktacular IX'
10/30/16 Troy Norr Of Them
& Greg May Of Tyrant

11/6/16 Ed Mischke Of Spiritual Sickness
& Chuck Billy Of Testament

11/13/16 Danny Knight From Crown Of Earth
11/20/16 John Corabi Of The Dead Daisies
And Herman Frank

11/27/16 Michael Clayton Of Tyketto
& Thorsten Bauer Of Leaves' Eyes

12/4/16 Jeff McCormack Of Q5
& Eddy Malm Of Heavy Load

12/11/16 James Danzo Of Tower
& Sammy Lee Of Red Reign

12/18/16 Tim McMurtrie & BJ Of FSR
And Chris Green Of Tyketto

12/23/16 'The Merry Metal Christmas Extravaganza IX'