Classic 80's​




Matt Barlow From Ashes Of Ares


​Biff Byford Of Saxon

Mario Lochert Of Serious Black

Rob Dukes Of Generation Kill


Kevin Montgomery From Driven To Revolt

Lee Payne Of Cloven Hoof

Dennis Schwan Of Sanction

Brian Miller Of Frightmare


Billy Graziadei Of BillyBio

Don Versailles Of Platinum

Chris Ferguson From Of Dying Dreams

Freddie Wolf Of Evil

Steve Lips Kudlow Of Anvil

Stefan Castevet Of Vulture


Michael Romeo Of Symphony X

Jessica & Jackie Parry Of Dianthus

George,Steve,David & Craig From   Overlord SR

Daniel Cleland Of Savage Existence

Anthony Lionetti Of Matthias Steele

Michael Podrybau Of Glacier


Nige Rockett Of Onslaught

David Lioncourt

Bothar Of Gwar

Rev Taylor From Greyhawk


Brian Ross Of Satan/Blitzkrieg

Cody Souza Of Hatriot

Jack Starr Of Burning Starr

Peter Andersen Of Alien Force

Dave Enos Of Emerald


Josh Christian Of Toxik

Torben Deen Of Mirage

Roy Coston Of DC Strut

Chris Boltendahl Of Grave Digger


Guy Mann Dude

Jim Crean Of Scream Taker

John Gallagher Of Raven

Frank V Peppe Of Royal Hell

Jeff Mantas Dunn Of Venom Inc

Keith Hancock & Pat Brown Of Oblivion

Rob Thorne Of Sacred Oath

Robby Thomas Walsh Of Purpendicular


Thaen Rasmussen Of Anvil Chorus

Kris Gustofson Of Trauma

David Reece Of Iron Allies

Barry Waddell From Seasons Of The Wolf

Lee Aaron

Matt Marinelli Of Borealis

Kristian Havard Of Xentrix


Steve Gaines From Anger As Art

Jeff Allen Of Witch Slayer

Ed Aborn Of Siren

Phil Hall Of Municipal Waste

Dean Roberts Of Leatherwolf

Steve Rice Of Kill Ritual

Robert Acquaviva Of Luftwaffe

Lars Lyndorff Of Steel Inferno


Chuck Brummond Of Invid

Leather Leone Of Leather

Tomi Stotler & Andy Austin Of Maddax