John Macko Of Fifth Angel

Shawn Pelata Of Final Sign

Falcon Eddie Green Of Phantom

Axel Rudi Pell

Rich Rozeck Of War Cry

Brian Blake Of Eternal Voyager

Zak Stevens Of Circle II Circle

Siki Spacek Of Black Death Resurrected


Chuck Billy Of Testament
Dave Overkill Of Destructor
Sean Peck Of Denner/Sherman
Jeff Scott Soto Of Soto
Jeff Neal Of Dogbane
Dave Starr & London Wilde Of Wildestarr
Steve 'Lips' Kudlow Of Anvil
Steve Stegg Of Sleepy Hollow
Tony Clarkin Of Magnum
Angelica Valkyrie From Flames Of Fury

Doro Pesch Of Doro

Madame Mayhem

Rayman James Of Malice

Tim Bouwman Of Martyr


Carlos Denogean Of Salvacion
Craig Kory Of Takashi
Paul Hastey Of Angerhead
Joe Leonard Of Frigid Bich
Michael Barasch Of Panther
Anthony Mavrikis Of Envenomed
Mike Portnoy Of Metal Allegiance

Max Portnoy Of Next To None
Guitarist Andy Timmons
Jason Ashcraft Of Helion Prime
Kurdt Vanderhoof Of Metal Church


Brad Sinsel Of TKO
Rob Cavestany & Mark Osegueda                Of Death Angel
Lee Aaron
Stacey Savage Of Savage Master
Troy Dixler Of Sindrome
Adrian Jenkinson Of Salem
Harley Flanagan Of Harleys War
AJ Spiegel Of Jack The Ripper
TC Tolliver/Jerry Franklin Of  Tolliver/Franklin
Flo Laurin Of SinBreed
Danny Mann Of Sorizon
Steve Handel Of Seventh Calling


Carmine Appice Of Vanilla Fudge
Gary Winslow,J Patrick McCosar,Dave Young Of August Redmoon
Falco Of Wicked Maraya
Carl Canedy Of The Rods/St James
Mat Sinner Of Primal Fear
Rocky Shades Of Wrathchild
Eric Ak Knutson Of Flotsam & Jetsam
Mem V Stein Of Exumer
Piet Sielck Of Iron Savior
Jeff Scott Soto Of Soto


Keith,Kevin,Tim & Bob Of Oblivion Myth

Tim Baker Of Cirith Ungol

Derrick Brumley Of Conquest

Joe Lynn Turner Of Sunstorm
John Riccio Of Tantrum
Brian Frank Of Killer Bee/Rapid Tears
Jeff Martin Of Blasted To Static
Kenny Powell Of Omen
Bobby Jarzombek Of Fates Warning
Chris Bennett Of Widow
Glenn Hoffman,Michael Adrian,Chris Hopkinson Of Black Knight

Rick Darr Of Assassin
Sam Easley Of Glacier
Sammy DeJohn Of Ruthless
Charly Steinhauer Of Paradox
Steve Gaines From Anger As Art
John Regan Of Four By Fate
Dave Keener Of Ion Britton
Terry Brennan & Joey D'Imperio Of

 Lady Killer
Simon Wright Of Dio Disciples


Randy Davis Of Wrathskeller
Dan Whitmer of Hellevate
Chris Violence
Don Doty Of Eliminate/Dark Angel
Bobby Gustafson Of Hail Mary/Overkill Mike V & Franco Roc Of        Chains Over Razors


Chris Black Of High Spirits
Jon Dette Of Meshiakk
Vince Vatican Of Vatican
Tom Englund Of Evergrey
Bob Katsionis Of Firewind
Michael Sabatini Of Attacker
Geoff Tate Of Operation Mindcrime
Frank Dimino Of Angel
Doro Pesch Of Doro
Greg Boileau Of Sarasin
Steve Dadaian Of Pareidolia


George Neal Of Ichabod Krane
Scott Leach Of Crystal Ball
Mark J Dexter Of Dexter Ward
Ken Mettler & Michael McDonald Of Christillow
UDO Dirkschneider Of U.D.O
Bob Mitchell Of Mind Assassin
Emily Anne Of Axxion
Durhan Petrossi Of Iron Mask
Paul Logue Of Edens Curse
Troy Norr Of Them
Greg May Of Tyrant


Ed Mischke Of Spiritual Sickness
Chuck Billy Of Testament
Danny Knight From Crown Of Earth
John Corabi Of The Dead Daisies
Herman Frank
Michael Clayton Of Tyketto
Thorsten Bauer Of Leaves' Eyes


Jeff McCormack Of Q5
Eddy Malm Of Heavy Load
James Danzo Of Tower
Sammy Lee Of Red Reign
Tim McMurtrie & BJ Of
Full Scale Riot
Chris Green Of Tyketto




Gus G Of Firewind
Alan Tecchio Of Watchtower
Madame Mayhem
Jacques Belanger Of Assassin's Blade
Jerry Franklin,Shawn Kaiser & Kevin Dixon Of Metal Life Crisis
Jack Russell Of Jack Russells Great White
John Pieroni & Greg Messick Of Intruder


Bobby Ellsworth Of Overkill
Matt Ulricksen Of United
Ross Dolan Of Immolation
Nick Giannakos Of Wretch
Steve Zimmerman Of Enemy Remains
Mikhall Myers Of Destroyer
Stu Marshall Of Death Dealer
David Reece Of Sainted Sinners


George Lynch Of KXM
Marta Gabriel Of Crystal Viper
Ron Bumblefoot Thal From Art Of Anarchy
Adam Tranquilli & Cj Scioscia Of Blood Feast
Margarita Monet From Edge Of Paradise
Norman Lawson Of Chained Lace
Chuck Billy Of Testament
John Kevill Of Warbringer


​Chris Bailey Of Infernal Majesty
Bill Fisher Of Mega Colossus
Jarvis Leatherby Of Night Demon
Stuart Laurence Of Ignitor
Punky Meadows Of Angel
Scott Board & Eric Burgess Of Cerebus
Tim Brown Of Striker


​​Bob Mitchell Of Savior From Anger
Vincent Manfredi Of Attila
Brian Tatler Of Diamond Head
Lee Payne Of Cloven Hoof
Peter Graigs
Joe Lawson Of Screamking
Rex Brown Of Pantera